Back and Bi Workout

1 In the CT article he shows only what seemed very little work with regular exercises. Does anyone know if he does anymore work with regular exercises not including ecentricless training OR does he just do that and ecentricless pulling.

  1. In the preacher curl do you go straight to doing partials etc or does he do that like in his last set(other sets being non special techniques). Ct states to do about 4 sets but does he mean full out straight sets?

its lats and biceps, NOT back and biceps… huge difference… cause some upper back is worked staggered also between sets for pressing… lats are worked separatelly on foundation day… and I dont think there is a need for anything more… i mean everything is explained, you need lat exercise that doesn’t involve biceps, one that does and some biceps exercises, and you just FATIQUE those muscles, using fatique techniques… its pretty much explained to what they respond best… so just watch the video one more time… even more important, just hit those muscles with some circuits and eccentric less and you’ll be fine… I dont see why there is need for more than that… you can add more volume to create more fatique…

I remember reading something by CT where he said his shoulders, chest, traps, etc responded best to similar methods to his previous Olympic lifting training but his late and biceps lagged behind until he started using a lot of constant-tension techniques such as partials, double contractions, etc. So it could make sense for all sets to be partials.

now that 1 is clarified, what about question number 2?

i did this today:

thib pulldown 4 x 12

lat pulldown 3 x 12 s/s straight arm pulldown 3 x 10

preacher curl 3 x 8 + iso hold each set

hammer curl w/ 1sec pause during eccentric

sled work

so for mine, yes