Back Again to Show You Guys

So here are a few pics of me cutting up on prop and clenbuterol and diet diet diet! I know i need to improve on alot but i dont think im doing that bad.


Height- 5’11
Weight- 179
Arms- 18
Thighs- 24
Waist- 31 (may be a 30.5)

Another pic

and yet another lol

Please crop that first picture down, it looks like a damned gay porn ad! Especially unnecessary as you do not provide any comparison in the following pics.

Good job otherwise. Very thick, arms and back look great.

Hard to tell from three or four pics, but it appears you round your shoulders in toward your chest (the posture you often see on guys who spend all their workouts on bench). Your back looks fine so I don’t think that’s the issue, but if it is a problem I’m just trying to make you aware of it so you can correct it.

Oh, and clen? Eeeeewww. To each his own, I suppose.

Nice work. Keep it up.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
You look bigger than 179 IMO, good work.

And less of the oiled up and/or banana hammock pics please.


Seems like he’s doing some advertising for his particular youtube channel.

Haha thanks guys :slight_smile:

That’s disgusting man… why’d you wanna deform your body like that?

[quote]WyldFlower wrote:
That’s disgusting man… why’d you wanna deform your body like that?[/quote]

Still trolling, are you, WyldFlower?

Long time no see, dude.

sup man! Yeah long time…

…nah, not trolling, seriosly think dudes body looks way deformed - to quote my girlfriend “ewww, what is that? A mutant guido??”

How’s fatherhood Cortes?? Hope all is well and your kid is fit healthy and happy!

Yup, you haven’t changed. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I guess I have missed you. :wink:

Fatherhood is freaking awesomely awesome. He is healthy and happy indeed, the happiest and smartest little guy I’ve ever met, and super sociable, to boot. He’ll turn two next week.

You sticking around here? Or have you been here the whole time?

Oops, hijacking…

yeah been here all along, on and off

experimented with a whole rainbow of anabolics now and HGH and GHRP’s and what have you. Heh…

Wow, 2 years, seems like yesterday you announced fatherhood… time flies… savour all the moments

peace yo!

Wow I have been gone too long it seems.

The boys are still around but theres alot of new faces.