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Back After Injury


So I SHATTERED my big toe 6 weeks ago and have been forced to avoid squats and deads. Now that it is feeling better and I think I can get under the bar again when I try and squat I look like a fucking retard. Obviously I lost flexibility so to get depth my back becomes like parallel to the floor and my hips round like shit. But that I can deal with. Although any suggestions for streches to get it out? I have always done hip mobility so that should help, but what about back rounding?

Next, and what worries me like mad, is that when I squat down I dont go straight. At the bottom, my ass on my left side (the side I broke toe) is like a good 2 inches higher than the right and rather than being in the middle of my legs, I go over to the one leg.

So does anyone have any experience? How would you suggest getting form back? Also, what do you think is the best program/routine to get back slowly into it?



Single leg stuff until you get your stuff back together?

Good stuff on this site for mobility.


I did kinesiotaping recently to correct an imbalance. Worked amazingly well.

As far as ankle mobility, do your alphabets with your feet. It is simple, but it helps a lot.

For overall squat mobility, wall squats. There is currently a sort of wall squat mania going on over at PW. I know most of you boys never visit over there, but I have a vid on my log and at least a half a dozen other ladies do as well.

I also agree about the unilateral stuff. Bulgarian split squats? I like them a lot.

Best of luck!