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Back After a Long Break!

Hi everyone

Hope all are doing good here and ripping the iron to shreds…

i had a loongg break due to job and family commitments…so back in the gym after 4 months…

i hired a PT in he gym…spoke with him about my plateau and how I have stagnate…he advised me a Strength and Conditioning phase for 4-6 weeks, to correct the movements…and then move into the next stage, which i guess will be a 5 day split…The program is 3 days per week, as below, with 60 sec rest between each set

Day 1: Chest and Shoulders and Calves

Dumbell Bench Press(12,8,6,6)
30 degree Incline flies(8,8,8,8)
30 degree Smith Machine Incline press(15,15,15)
Machine Reverse Flyes( 12 ,8,6,6)
Dumbell Lateral Raises(10,10,10)
Standing Calf Raises(12,8,8,8)

Day 2: Back and Biceps and abs

Snatch Grip Deadlifts(12,8,6,6)
Seated Rows(12,8,6,6)
Lat Pulldowns(10,10,10,10)
Hammer curls(12,8,6,6)
Dumbell Curls(10,10,10)
Dumbell Situps (10,10,10,10)

Day 3: Triceps and Legs

Overhead Rope Extensions(12,8,6,6)
Triceps Pulldowns(10,10,10)
Leg Press(12,8,6,6)
Leg Curls(12,8,6,6)

He’s also advised me to do three times a week…so I do Cross Trainer for 15 minutes, getting my heart rate upto 70%-80% , twice a week and then Rpm(Spin class once week…

What do you guys think?..that Pt is way too expensive for me at the moment($100 AUD for 45 minutes) thinking of not continuing with him…

Unless you’re or a total beginner or competing you prolly don’t need a trainer/coach. You gotta figure this out on your own or you’ll never progress. Read articles and more importantly good threads on here and make your own program/training philosophy. Change and adapt as you plateau both strength and esthetic-wise.

I am not a beginner…nor competing…just want to be in he best shape and achieve my dream physique…

just hoping i can get some ideas on what to move onto next

Honestly, you’re better off learning on forums like T-Nation. No need to waste $100 a month for a gym PT(which is a waste of money unless they have a great reputation). Take some time to read articles on here and post questions. That will take you further in your training career than anything else.

its 100 a session my friend…if it wud have been a month…i wud have kept him

[quote]varunj17 wrote:
its 100 a session my friend…if it wud have been a month…i wud have kept him[/quote]

Just for reference, I hired a friend of mine who trains competitors and have only paid $75 so far this year. One of his guys just won lightweights in the NPC Emerald Cup.

Anyway, what does your diet look like? What you are eating can push you past the plateau. You also have tons of options to change up your training. Are you focusing on strength or size?

at the moment my aim is to gain some strength…improve my compound lifts and then move into Hypertrophy…

Diet is pretty good too…