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Back After a Baby


I’m back training after about 8 months off training. I stopped mainly because we had a baby but it was topped off by my mum dying around the same time, I just worked, enjoyed the first months of my sons life and ate (and ate!).
But I have the motivation to come back so I’m giving myself until the summer to reach my goal of 10-12% BF.

This is my proposed training schedule (open to suggestions);
Dips/Chins (superset)

DB shoulder press (standing)
Leg press

DB bench press
Push ups
(Obviously this is a TBT regime, I’m aiming for high reps/med weight, keep my heart rate up and speed up my metabolism.)

I’m not on a specific diet but I’ve cut out refined sugar and any fried foods.

If you cared to look through my posting history you’d see quite a few non-starters, but to keep myself motivated I’m going to post weekly photos, I want to be ready for my family’s planned surfing holiday this summer.

First photo coming soon, thanks guys.


Week 1 Photo.

Totally let myself go. But training is going well so far, got a training partner for Wednesdays. Still getting into the swing of things with my diet.
Off for a day of off for a day of mountaineering on saturday which usually gets my metabolism raging.
Also, now that the snows come in I’ll be snowboarding quite a bit while it lasts.



Saturday I climbed a mountain with 3 peaks, total ascent was around 1100 meters, all round time was 6.5hrs.

Monday was good, I’m not going to go into tedious lists of sets/reps because its basically just me reading this. Although I added 4 sets of calves.

Settling into diet still. My main calories come from granola/milk, rice/mackerel, tuna/toast.


Not sure if you have seen, but there are a number of people on this site with a similar goal. Sort of an additional motivation and accountability to finally hit the goal of slimming down.

Good luck, man.


Thanks very much!


Week 2 photo.


This is great! After having a baby, I am planning to get fit and have regular gym, it’s been 6 months I gave birth. Am I qualified to go to gym?