Back Acne

Anyone else out there have troubles with back acne? I have always had moderate trouble with it but lately seems to be getting worse (and I’m not taking any drugs). I’ve tried many of the OTC treatments and the only one that works at all is Stridex and that not very well. I’m hesitant to try Accutane since the side effects are often worse than the acne, besides I discussed it with my doctor and he didn’t seem to think the problem was bad enough to warrant its use. I however, am getting self conscious about it, especially when I wear tank tops or go shirtless to swim. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

The best single remedy seems to be buying
a salicyclic acid mostly-alcohol solution,
such as Noxzema Astringent With Salicylic Acid,
which comes in a pretty large bottle, and
then put this bottle into an appropriate
sprayer. An empty Androsol bottle is ideal
because it gives a good misting that is
also ideal for this solution. Spray liberally
all over the back – far heavier than with
Androsol, to the point almost of dripping –
twice per day.

In addition, using a tea tree oil skin lotion
can help, for example the Desert Essence
stuff sold at health food stores; and it
seems to me that the L’Oreal face and neck
cream containing alpha hydroxy acids helps.
Not sure that it helps against specific pimples
but if you have a problem of generalized redness, as I used to have on outer arms,
it is effective at that for some reason.

(My apologies to those who have seen all this
information posted before.)

Wash with anti-bac. soap twice a day also Guggul extract is is supposed to help acne, you might wanna try some of that along with topical treatment. And if your really hardcore scrub your back with steelwool…naw just kidding, good luck.

I understand your hesitance to try Accutane, as I hesitated for a long time as well, but I started taking it three months ago, and let me tell you, it’s an absolute miracle drug. I’ve had ZERO problems aside from some very tolerable dry lips and eyes. It’s helped tremendously where nothing else did. Don’t be scared by the fear mongering stories you hear about it. As long as your monitored, it’s perfectly safe.

A went on Accutane while I was in high school and it worked wonders for me. It cleared up my skin, and nothing else really helped. There was some dry skin as some had mentioned, but lotion and lip balm will take care of that.

One thing to consider is that I was playing high school hoops at the time and had considerable pain and stiffness in my joints while running. I had to stop the meds until the season was over. When I started baseball in the spring, I had no complications.

My dermatologist told me that a few of his patients (distance runners) had to stop for this same reason. Since this is T-Mag, I am assuming that you aren’t distance running, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

One thing you will need to do is have regular cholesterol screenings–Accutane tends to increase “bad” cholesterol.

I had the same problem. Do this and it will work GOOD!!! First get some tetracylcine (oral antibiotic that kills the acne bacteria)…you can get this from a dermatologist or probably straight off the internet somewhere. Get a 8% benzoyl peroxide solution (topical) again with a Rx or off the internet. Wash with that in the shower 2 times per day with a luffa. Don’t pick at the stuff or it can scar (it sucks). Also you can try to get some saylic acid (spelling?). This is a topical agent you can get at the beauty counter at Macy’s or somewhere. This stuff works well for existing (ready to burst) ones. Put it on, be patient and in 2 days or so it will be gone.

If you have severe back acne you can also try Retin-A a Rx topical cream. That stuff made my back itch like hell though.

Also if you have money go get a back facial at a beauty place once every few weeks…get the glycolic back facial.

Do that stuff and you are set. I had a terrible problem with back acne and it is all gone…totally. I’m left with a few very minor scars from messing with it. So like I said DO NOT PICK AT THE STUFF.


my brother had real bad back acne and his friend told him to stop drinking soda like pepsi and coke. the only think he drank was ginger ale if he wanted soda. after a few months it was almost completely gone. give it a try

The FDA is working on approving a second gen accutane with far fewer side/adverse effects.Not sure when it will come out and it will be bloody expensive so i would give Bill’s advice a try.It looks solid.

I have gone through two treatments with Accutane, one when I was 18 and another 12 years later. The second time was necessary due to beginning bodybuilding and an increase in natural levels of testosterone. The stuff works great, chapped lips and a few bloody noses were well worth it. When ever I get any flare-ups now, I use Biore brand “Blemish Bomb” which works great overnight on specific areas.

fishoils, udo’s, and methoxy seems to really help clear up acne.

I always seem to have a little bacne from working out/sports. As tapper mentioned, supplementing EFAs helps.