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Back Acne Solutions?

Back Acne, From AAS

Alrighty lads need some home remedies/ any vitamins and minerals that will help clear it.

ketoconazole, anti-DHT drugs, t3

t3? how, how much…

Stop eating dairy and exfoliate with something like this in the shower…

The difference will be night and day.


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Zinc can help

Hey dude I went through the same thing when I started Testosterone. I helped fix it by taking vitamin E complex with all four of the tocopherols. It helped me out alot. The other critical aspect of this cure is to use antibacterial soap in the shower. I use an antibacterial bar soap. I just started using an antibacterial hand soap and it works just as well.

For milder acne, creams with benzoyl peroxide worked well. When i got bad cystic acne from tren/test accutane was the only thing that worked.