Back Acne & Androgel

I have been on A-Gel for a while and have seen solid results. But I have developed a significant case of lower back acne. Why the lower back…don’t know. Anyone have this problem and is there a way to fix it?

What are your current estrogen levels? Personally when my E2 levels start getting elevated I break out on my back first and then my face. Are you using adex or something similar to keep E2 in check?

Well I don’t know. Not scheduled to do any blood work till March. I am not using any Estrogen blockers. My Dr. is very very conservative and prob would not consider prescribing anything. I have considered using an OTC blocker like DIM. Without knowing my E count I guess its a crap shoot though.

jm, what are your TT, FT numbers on A-gel?

I had that problem once when my T levels went up to 1,500 ng/dl. Obviously, my dose at the time, 10 g per day, was too high. My doctor lowered the dose to 7.5 g per day, and the acne went away within days.

I had this and then it mysteriously just went away. I began taking Acai berry at that time so who knows if that did it.

Don’t let your doc talk you into Test Pellets btw, just as an aside.

[quote]KSman wrote:
jm, what are your TT, FT numbers on A-gel?[/quote]

First time I had TT checked it was 690. A few months later, most recently it was 485. He does not check FT, all I get is TT, and typical blood work like cholesterol (HDL and LDL), PSA and things like that.