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Bachelor Party


Ok this was Arturo's idea to start a thread here...and what a great idea it was! He also suggested another genius idea; rent a uhaul, load everyone up in the back, get an in door air conditioner and then raffle it off at the end of the night! Classic. I feel so fruity using the internet.




I know 40's will be involved as well as the cheapest skunkest booze we can get our hands on. Pink flamingo?


I know u guys can't wait to roll into the buffet hung over like 12 year old girls after a couple of bottles of Boones.


I'm in! When are you picking me up in the U-Haul?


Oh I cant wait, I think that the renatal with couches in the back is the way to go, I mean we are goin to srive in the highway so it shouldn't get to rough in the back as for the ac you know me its the greatest invention ever.
Don't forget with all the heads we are taking down we need a little more room and plus we will save on hotel rooms cause you know mad heads will pass out on the truck, so i recomend this


oh I hope that I didn't over stepped the line by recommending the uhaul truck instead of the 2000 avis but I figure even though I am not the best man I am second in command and I am sure Russell wont mind


Zap - August 12 or 19. Right now it looks like the 19th.


I think trying to select the finest booze we can get our grimy hands on is going to be harder to do that finding transportation. I think the safe bet for a started should be liquid crack


The Uhaul is clutch cause it has mom's attic in that bitch. I love the picture.


That is a such a great idea that I'm looking to start the drinking immediately. I'm also bringing the LIMON out of retirement.


Werd, mom's attic is the shit! It can't hold much weight tho, so we can't put my fat ass or a keg up there.


oh I think that the limon is not the only think to come out of retirement, I think that we will also bring back a few forgoten rituals that we loved like the wawa run and farting on metrosexuals at 330 in the morning when they are trying to look cool infront other metrosexuals friends.


I keg to differ. Mom's attic can definitely hold a keg. U guys think we can get a keg of camo or crooked I?


If you're looking to be a bad boy in LA, Snakes the boy to be bad with. Ain't that right snake?

If you're looking to be a bad boy in WAWA...


Let's stock up on this...nice and ice cold just how we like it


I have no idea what is going on but I kinda like it.


We're planning my bachelor party for this summer. After our initial warm-up posts, I can assure everyone that this thread will only get better. Note: We haven't decided where we're gonna dump the dead hookers yet.


This is the kind of shit I love to read when I get to work in the morning. I laughed at that for several minutes. Fucking priceless.


August 12 or 19? Russell - I gave Brian your #.