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Bachelor Party Ideas

Hey guys, I am in a pickle, I am the best man at my buddies wedding in july, and I need to throw a freaking awesome bachelor party for the guy… no strippers. So I need some good Ideas, I have never thrown, or even attended a bachelor party before as this is the first of my friends to get married… it makes 23 suddenly seem old.

So any Ideas of what to do, or horror stories and advice of what not to do would be much appreciated. we are looking for alot of fun, and we are in Saskatchewan, so no huge cities to go partying in.

Are you looking for crazy alcoholic bash ideas or, something you can recover from in a couple of days?

Chucky cheese.

Oh wait… bachelor party. No strippers? Alchohol allowed, or is it a rather “proper” event you thinking about?

How about a few rounds of paintball? Then get cleaned up and hit the casinos for a couple hours and get a few drinks into ya. Then, after some inhibitions leave ya, hit the strip joint and get him on stage.

Seriously, paintball can be really fun. I’ve only been once (another bachelor party) but I would love to go again.

BrentM’s paintball idea is a good one. I know a few guys whose bachelor parties were centered on this and everyone had a blast!

If you do go paintballin’, I’d recommend picking up a new mask. They’re not terribly expensive, but it seems more sanitary than renting a face mask. You’ll also be able to get one that doesn’t fog up.

We had a great time. I hit an army surplus store and picked up some BDUs and unloaded quite a few hoppers of balls.

Well seeing as how you’re out in the country why not just rally the boys for a camp-out dealy. One of my homies got married and for his we just camped on the beach, surfed, drank and just bullshitted. Wasn’t wild n crazy with strippers but it was cool.

PS the ones I’ve been to with strippers are undoubtedly more fun:]

Yea i agree paintball is a blast! Can get some cardio while doing it too. But no strippers WHAT THE FUCK! are you serious. Whats a B-party wothout strippers and hookers? Whose is getting married a fucking clergy man…i guess paintball it is then…goodluck

Yeah I realize that strippers are fun, but the Groom said “no strippers” and besides that, I have heard some bad stories from some of my friends who have experienced saskatchewan strippers, apparently it wasn’t pretty.

I really like the paintball idea, alot of fun can come with shooting your friends and leaving welts. I think paintball will definately be a part of this party.

And yeah drinking will be part of it too, I don’t know how much, but it will definately be a factor, most likely after the paintballin’ but if before… that could be interesting too.

Thanks for the ideas

no strippers… hmmmmm might as well go with hookers then

A friend of mine got married a year or so ago and his bachelor party was a scavenger hunt! We divided into 2 teams of about 6 each and went in a 15 passenger van to a couple different bars here in town and sought out the things on the list. Some things were items to be collected while others were pictures of different things.

Some items I can remember:

-A picture of the groom with the ugliest chick in the bar.
-A picture of the groom with the best man.
-A picture of 2 girls kissing.
-A picture of 2 guys kissing.
-10 Napkins with lip-prints from various girls in the bars (with signatures— this ended up being “lets see who can get the most” type thing, so each team ended up with a ballpark figure of about 50 or so.)
-One UNused tampon.
-One tube of lipstick.
-One thong off of any girl in the bar (the hardest item to get— neither team actually scored one of these.)

Uhh… that’s all I can remember, but that should give you an idea. No strippers were involved and the 15 passenger van (driven by the Best Man’s sister) allowed us all to get as drunk as we wanted without having to worry about DUI’s or horrific, disfiguring car accidents.

“I have heard some bad stories from some of my friends who have experienced saskatchewan strippers, apparently it wasn’t pretty.”

Trust me, those stories are true.

No stippers. That’s the best part. Unless it turns out like that movie Very Bad Things. Mmmmmm Kobe Tai.


If you go with paintball, for the love of all that is good and holy please refrain from the ‘groom run’. I ended my bachelor party paintball session with bleeding welts all over my back and arms thanks to the 12 year old ‘referee’ who thought 6 feet was enough of a head start for me to be chased 120 yards by 25 people with paint guns. Little fucker. Plus, my friends are sadistic assholes.

FYI, my stag started with a drink at my place (9am), breakfast, paintball, casino (and drinks), strip club (and drinks), dinner (and drinks) and then the bar (and drinks). Had a crowd from between 10 and 30 people at various times, though people came and went to different events.

Why not you all get together and rent that movie “Bachelor Party” starring Tom Hanks.

The bachelor says ‘no strippers’ but that is just the bride talking, deep down inside he wants them, and many of them!!


He said “No strippers” but you should get them anyway…hey if he’s gettin’ married he’s gonna have to get used to not gettin’ his way. Might as well start now!(BIG GRIN)

Paintball sounds really cool. We did something similar for my best friend, a boar hunt, not real animals, just him, myself and my brother (he the groom, me the best man, and my brother…). We were the targets, (unarmed) and others (25) chased us with dye filled water balloons. The others had a good head start on drinking though, as they were not allowed to hunt for us for 15 minutes. (I live on 100 acres…that helps for running and hiding and things like that.) Last boar wins and gets free drinks all night, first boar down buys all drinks. (I was in the middle…I’m fast, but broad shoulders make for a damn good target)

“No strippers”

-Well, have fun at your shitty bachelor party!

Go to Amsterdam. You don’t have to get strippers, the plentiful hookers and drugs will get you by. Best BP I ever attended.

For my own, I wanted to top Amsterdam and go to Bangkok after I read the T-mag travel article. However, since all my friends are already married, there was no getting permission slips for that baby. Instead we went trout fishing in Montana. Laid back, good times. Just fished, drank beer, played poker and gave each other shit.