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Bachelor Party Hazing Ideas?


Does anyone have any unique ideas for a bachelor party? We want to make sure it is a memorable experience for the groom to be.


pics or it didn't happen!


Something about your avatar makes me laugh every time.


A short stint at the strip club where he is made to go up on stage and he assumes he is being given a dance... but the next thing you do is have him tied up strip him down to his skivvies and have the girls get down and throw dollars at him.

Course this is entirely rigged ~


male strippers.. wait wut


Could be because Jack Burton has lip stick on and all he wants is his truck back ... don't change the subject either, pal. There better be pictures from this alleged "bachelor party."


It all depends on the guy. In my opinion, your goal should be 1. to have fun and 2. to make the night memorable.

If he's a guy with a sense of humor that doesn't take himself too seriously, you could play a prank on him, like taking him to a strip club, but arranging for all the strippers to have his name fake tattooed on their collective asses and/or outer labia. Or, put an embarrassing childhood photo of him on some t-shirts and give them out to the strippers. Every dance would start with a pic of him peeing in the bathtub at age 4.

I have hundreds of these ideas running through my head. . . pretty much every day. PM me if you want some more.


Cameras are never, ever allowed at a bachelor party.


don't take pictures

I have seen way too many fights because somehow the bride sees them

no pictures

no evidence so nothing ever happened


Yes, no pictures. If there are pictures taken, it is the groosmen's jobs to delete those pictures from the camera before you get back to town.


From bachelor parties I've been to, if you go to a strip club and tell the strippers that it's his bachelor party, they'll take care of it for you. One buddy got a wedgie so hard that the waist band of his boxers ripped and his ass crack bled. Another guy got pulled up into the shower stage and completely drenched. One more guy got spanked so hard with a paddle there were welts on his ass and he said it hurt to sit for days.


Thank you everyone. I appreciate the input.


At mine and a few other guys the bestman and groomsmen tied a 15lb bowling ball with a chain attached to my leg. Had to carry it around all night.
Also, from experience, if you hire a stripper for at home MEET HER FIRST! I've been burned twice by different companies sending girls that looked nothing like what I was supposed to get.

Any guy that brings a camera to a bachelor party automatically gets an ass kickin. There's no excuse for that shit.


Also, if a cute police officer shows up at the party, DO NOT assume she is a stripper. Fortunately she had a sense of humour!


Yeah, that sounds great ... if my friends did that to me I think I'd punch them in the face


So, is one of your friends getting married to one of the "4 girls that stayed with you on spring break"?


No you idiot, those girls are coming down for the party to jump out of the cake.


Good call ... but I think idiot was a little harsh ... but that's probably because you were calling me an idiot.


It was meant in the kindest possible way.

I'm going to have remember the bolded part, I get called an "idiot", "moron" and "asshole" frequently.


Yeah actually it is. They got engaged yesterday and we are having the bachelor party next week. The wedding is the week after.