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Bachelor Party Damage Control.

Ok people, I’ve got a problem I never had thought about until now. I’ve been trying to loose my fat and get lean since 12 weeks ago (March 2) to get prepared for my honeymoon. I get married on june 22. so far, I’ve went to 24% BF and now I’m just about 11.5%. the biggest loss I’ve seen is that I went from 42” across the belly button to 35”. My abs are beginning to show a bit, at 14 MM… ok, back to my problem. I didn’t really think about what impact a bachelor party will have on all my progress. All my friends are heavy beer drinkers and I’m sure I’ll have to binge that night, or get my ass kicked. I figure my bachelor party will happen on june 14 or 15… I don’t want to loose some of my progress b/c of one night. I’ve totally cut out my cheat meals in preparation for this. Is there anything I can do as far as damage control ? what can I do for the days after to help with the alchohol/food bindge ? (I’ve thought of things like taking a gulp or two of a beer and pouring the rest out when I went to piss, then make them buy me another one…drinking Jack and coke, minus the Jack and sugar. Maybe load up on flax oil, ALA and or MD6 before I go out. Drink a ton of water when I can.)i guess the worst thing about the whole thing is that i used to be a hard partier for awhile, and my freinds see i’m loosing weight and looking better, but they don’t have any respect or understanding on how important this goal is to me. they are expecting the same ol’ PODGE back in the partying frame of mind, even though i try to tell them that my alchohol tolerance is about the same as an 8 year old girl now.

Taking a break is a good thing. Have fun, just remember to get back on track.

You are getting married and you buddies are trying to give you one last night of manhood. It would be insulting of you to worry about all that shit. So shut the fuck up and get drunk, it’s really the only way you can thank your buddies for being your buddies! One night ain’t gonna kill you, but marriage will.

Sounds like you need to read the “Damage Control” article by Berrardi. But I don’t think one night of good beer is gonna hurt you. Vitamin B-eer is good sometimes, you know :wink: Except that if it’s been awhile since you’ve had any alcohol, you might be hurtin’ the next day. You already know this, since your tolerance is low now.

But, you know what? When I'm prepping for a contest, and I've got people sayin' the "oh, it's just one night.." I don't listen - cuz that "one night" could make the difference between a no-place and a first place in my case. But for you, it's your bachelor party, I would just have a few and have a good time.

Dude, why not be a leader instead of a follower?!?! It’s YOUR party after all correct? maybe you can be a good role model for your friends instead of caving in to the “common heard” mentality! After all, what is the logic of celebrating what should be the happiest moment of your life by excaping from it by getting wasted? I’m sure I’ll be a voice of one on this issue, which is just fine by me!

Thanks Pat an KO… and kirkm, you’re kind of right, i should get drunk to thank my buddies for being buddies… but i’m sure you know as well as any other man with a wife/woman, it’s hard to get away for a night of drinking with the guys to tittie bars unless you have a great reason, such as a bachelor party. so, are they really being great freinds, or using you as a reason to get out ???.. in most cases, it’s both…

I gotta go with Mr. Staley on this one. The most fun bachelor parties I’ve been to (including my own from my first marriage) were the ones where we DIDN’T go to a strip club or get wasted. One of the best was where we all went to a cabin on Puget Sound and spent the day tubing/skiing with a buddy’s boat, and had a few Jetskis there. Just hanging out and having a blast. No X-rated vids, no one got drunk.

My bachelor party consisted of 4 hours of paintball. No beer or naked girls were involved and it was still fun. Imagine that. If you do drink, try taking a few T2 or T2-pro the day of, day before, and day after if you are that concerned. You’ll still have a week until your wedding so the drinking won’t screw you up.

Podge, bottom line is you have to do what is right for you, what ever that may be. If you want to stay on track with your fitness plan for your honeymoon, your friends, if they are true friends, should respect that. Unless, like you indicated, they are just using you for an “excuse” to get blasted. Remember, your honeymoon is only once, you can get blasted later if you so choose. Do what ever is right for you and your friends should respect your choices. Just because you choose not to get blasted and act stupid doesn’t mean everybody else cann’t do their thing and still have a great time by all. You can have the best of both worlds - you just need to be firm with your friends and they’ll have to get over it. Have a good time and Good Luck on the honeymoon!

It’s your party, and your friends should be able to handle you saying that you don’t want to drink. Be firm and don’t entertain arguments. Tell them you’ll be the designated driver, and they can get drunk all they want.

If you want to trick 'em: Get a beer in a bottle. Drink the beer. Don’t let go the bottle. Go to the bathroom frequently with beer in hand. Fill the bottle with water. Plan B: At the bar tip the waitress to bring you virgin drinks. You don’t sound like you want to get wasted, so don’t do it. Plan C: drink when you feel like it, stop when you want and if your freinds are assholes about it tell them to fuck off. You don’t get true respect by giving in to peer pressure.

If you like to get wasted, than do it. If not do something else… What’s so complicated?

If you want to drink and party, you should – one night of fun won’t hurt your training at all. If you don’t want to drink much, don’t! Just drink slowly and order water between drinks to prevent dehydration. If anyone says shit about it, fuck them! Be a man!

Congrats on getting married, first of all. Second, I used to be in a similar situation as yourself. Eight years ago I lost a significant amount of fat and hit the weight room, and have stayed in shape ever since. During this time I quit smoking, drinking coffee, and yes, drinking (for a time). My friends didn’t really understand, especially since here in Canada beer is treated like a healing elixir. One the negative side, your friends are probably never going to understand what you are doing and why. The most you can hope for is that they’ll respect you for the changes you are making. On the positive side, you can use this situation to test your discipline. By going out and partying responsibly, you can show yourself that you are capable of staying on the right path without regressing back to the old you. Bottom line is it’s your choice, do what you think is right. Good Luck.

lighten up a bit. If things go well this will be the only bachelor party you’ll ever have.

Actually this is my second bachelor party, second marriage. (i know, i know…“i didn’t learn my lesson the first time”… but i definitelly got a good one now, and i was too young the first time.)… i’m just going to do things in moderation, food/alchohol-wise, and try not to hurt too bad so i can do cardio in the morning. if i can’t, oh well. but bachelor party activities with my freinds do consist of Hooters and “gentlemen’s clubs”.some of your other ideas sound great too, but that ain’t gonna happen :)… i just tend to worry too much sometimes. i’m just glad you guys (well, most of you) make me feel better…

Samuel Johnson called second marriages “the triumph of hope over experience”

Podge, for damage control, in addition to the cardio the following morning, do either a lifting or cardio WO in the hours right before the big bash - burn up those extra cals both before and after. I’ve also heard taking in a little fructose before/during drinking helps the liver metabolize alcohol. Must be why the tomato juice and orange juice work so well for mixers and red beer. In fact, stick to red (tomato juice) beer and tell them you’re being “healthy”.

It takes serious desire and committment to get where you have gotten so far. Do what you want to do at your Bachelor party. If you don’t want to drink, you don’t have to drink. Your friends may not get it at first, but eventually they will. Also, talk to them early. Don’t wait until the day it happens.

Finally, I don't know what your religious or moral background is or what your fiace's is, but remember that you are making a committment to spend the rest of your life together with this woman. She must be the most important person in your life and make sure that you respect her wishes on that night.

Have fun and have a great wedding. I still look back on the time surrounding my wedding as one of the greatest times in my whole life.