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Bachelor Parties?

I am havinga bachelor part for a pal later in the year. Has anyone had any cool ones? I am looking for ideas or good stories from fellow T Mag macho men…

Dude, I threw the sickest bachelor party for my bud last year. Ingredients:

  1. A restaurant/bar/hall with open bar. Hopefully you know the owner. . . this key bc what follows isn’t exaclty legal.

  2. Strippers going all night (at least for the length of the open bar, one act after another (i.e. bad nurse, cop, twins etc etc)

  3. Midget just to run around and hang out and drink…look in the yellow pages

  4. 2 inflatable sumo suits and wrestling area

  5. Blow job hookers in the bathroom

6.A dozen live chickens (we kicked them all to death at the end of the night…guess what the next day’s special was?!)

  1. A lot of guys to finance the thing…good luck!

OK check this out… my wife said that I wasn’t aloud to have a bachelor party unless… She got to come along. At first I thought this would absolutely suck. My friend told me not to worry he would sneak me away and hook up some action (he didn’t). It ended up being one of the most memorable nights of my life. We got about 10 couples together and went to the city in Limos. We had a great dinner at an expensive restaurant and had a few drinks. After that we got back in the limo’s and went to the Suites at the Park 55 that my friend had arranged. Now most of the people started popping pills and busting out parifinellia but of course being the T-man I am I held off. So anyway once everyone was all fucked up we got back in the Limo and went to Michell Brothers one of the Top strip clubs in the world. Now at first this was kind of ocward, my wife is by no means bisexual but she wanted to make my night. So anyway my friend tried to arrange a private lap dance just for me but my wife said only if she got to watch. My friend gave the girl $200 dollars and away the three of us went. The first thing the stripper did was ask us who was going to watch and who was going to get the lap dance. Anyway I left that up to my wife and she decided that she wanted me to watch. I couldn’t believe it… So she danced for my wife completely nude she but my wife’s hands on her breasts (WOW) and played with her pink taco right in my wife’s face. I was supprised that it actually turned my wife on, and then the stripper started touching my wife’s thighs she pulled her dress back and got all buckey and my got a little weirded out but she still smiled and got all into it. Needless to say she then came over to me for about 10 minutes and did the usual. After that we went back to the hotel and partied all night and decided to go to a club in the morning. We had a couple drinks at the club and left. Not realizing that the barriers we crossed on the way to the club were for the Bay to Breakers Marathon we were forced to cross a fast moving river of people (lots o’freaks). My friend even ran for one of the mobile bars that were there. It was one of the most interesting nights of my life and I haven’t spoken a word about it with my wife sense. My friend E-dog that owns a Record company paid for everything, and if you read this and I’m sure somehow it’ll get back to you – Thanks Again!!!

I would have paid good money for to attend that. Too bad they weren’t fighting chickens for a little wagering action. Only thing missing was the coke

If any of you guys needs a midget to hang out and drink at your bachelor party, give me a call. I’m only 66 inches tall.

Mine was three months ago today! My buddies took me to my favorite T-restaurant…HOOTERS! Then we did the strip-club thing. No big deal, except it turns out that about half the strippers go to the same gym as myself. Having a stripper who knows you is a guaranteed party…but SIX of them?! Lemmee just say, it was insane! Two of them ended up tearing off my shirt and giving me dollars! The unfortunate part is that my future father-in-law was there, and I KNOW he’s going to tell. (I now train three sparkly french-vanilla scented T-vixens)

Rafael, you cracked me up with that one! But hey, I got you beat! I’m only 64-65 inches! So they should hire me to entertain at the parties. But I’m only coming if there are some hot, nude strippers! Then I’ll let them get a piece of the Dogg!