Bachelor Food & Tricks of the Trade

New to this forum so maybe this has already been done but I couldn’t find it. I live alone, miles away from the nearest Waffle House and hate kitchen cleaning with a passion. I’ve come up with quite a few good tricks of my own for cooking that are simple and easy and if anyone wants to post with their own ideas for making a meal as fast as possible (sans the TV dinner, repulsive chicken/steak fingers that come out of a freezer bag from Wal-Mart) please I would really value the input. Some tricks of my own are.

Pinto/Black beans that come out of a can, straight to the microwave, pairs up well with toast and pepper bacon, (cooked in the microwave also) save the fat in a mason jar for food flavoring later on. Not a big soup fan, since most soups I have found straight from the can are not very filling or tasty.

Cooking out of the kitchen: If you are blessed like me, you have room to build a fire, if not a fire, then with any luck you have a BBQ grill. Steaks and Sausage are my main meals off the fire. If I wake up early sometimes I’ll even take the time to cook a good breakfast off the grill consisting of Steak/Toast. If you got money for paper plates, it’s easy because you only have to wash a knife and fork.

Back to the freezer, surplusing a ton of one kind of food is another way I get it done. Buying 4 dozen pork tamales or burritos at a time, stick them in the freezer, eat tamales breakfast, lunch, supper.

Breakfast is the hardest meal for me, ususally because I wake up late, and have only about 30 min. to dress for work and be ready to leave, so breakfast has to be hand-held in a napkin so I can take it on the go and eat it while I do my chores. Also, now I am a big fan of instant coffee/instant tea, kool-aid even. I’m not really a snob when it comes to coffee, but none of the instant stuff tastes too good. If anyone runs across any good brands, please, speak up!

So bachelors, what are some good meal ideas you have? Quick, clean, no dishes, no kitchen cleaning?

I would have thought that bachelors that have a fully functional kitchen would have MORE time to cook and prepare proper, un-processed food. Not to derail the thread too much, but what’s the mentality behind wanting to eat this kind of food rather than spend 5 mins cleaning up?

Liver and onions cooks quick and costs almost nothing. I get chicken liver for a $1.30 to $1.50 per pound. I dice the liver and onions and then cook them in a few minutes. Throw this over already-prepared pasta, mashed potatoes, or rice, and the prep time is minimal. Clean up is minimal too.

I also get pre-made shrimps from Costco.

I like Berardi’s chili too. The whole recipe lasts a few days.

I guess I’ll be the first to tell you that this topic has been beaten to death and it would only take a bit of looking around (and using the search feature) to find more info than you’ll ever read.

That being said, you’d have a better chance of getting a rational response if you include some personal information such as eating goals and diet plan.

I cook every night for my girlfriend and I, and we pretty much use the same 2 plates, silverware, microwave dish, spatula, and oven pan and or stovetop pot every night…it’s really not that much to clean if you clean it when you’re done eating.

A few things I love:

microvaved sweet potato - wrap a sweet potato in plastic wrap and microwave for 8 minutes (yum)

Turkey burgers on the grill with avocado - buy frozen in bulk at BJ’s it’s like 10 bucks for 12 burgers.

Bulk frozen veggies - microwave, season with crushed red pepper and olive oil. 7 minutes

pre-seasoned garlic/herb chicken breasts from the grocery store - $1.50 a piece or so…throw it on the grill or in the oven. so cheap and good

broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken in the frozen foods section - we get these from BJ’s also. So easy and good. get home from gym, line cookie sheet with foil, turn on oven and set timer for 30 minutes. when it goes off I put the veggies in the microwave and everything is done at same time.

It’s really not hard or time consuming with a little bit of thought

good luck

Mix a can of Hormel chili (no beans) with a can of chicken. Cheap, portable, high in protein and easy to make.

Boil a shit load of eggs. You can mash them with mayo and mustard to make egg salad or eat them whole.

You sound like a lazy bitch, not a bachelor. Man the F up and cook some food.

[quote]bwbski wrote:
You sound like a lazy bitch, not a bachelor. Man the F up and cook some food.[/quote]

Here here. Unless you’re working 120 hour weeks there’s no excuse.

rice cooker…

i make a lot of rice bruh…

You have time to build a fire, but you are too lazy to wash a dish??

LOL, i meant to write about that also. Time to build a fire in the morning to cook on, but doesn’t want to spend anytime cooking anything decent. Got my head spinning imagining what sort of cave dweller this guy is.

get up earlier and take a caffine tab if you need

Try the Sunday ritual,

take 3 hours out of your Sunday and simply cook up everything you need, pre pack, freeze etc.

That been said, Home made protein PB bars are my suggestion. If you want the recipe let me know.

Its not so much a time thing if I wake up early. I would rather build the fire outside and leave the mess than have my house smell like food/dirty kitchen. Also, I do work quite a few hours out of the week, that is partially what makes it so hard is the time issue, sometimes its just not worth spending 1.5 hrs. (yeah I know that’s not a lot of time in the long run of a day but daylight is daylight) to cook.

These are some good ideas though that will help. Diet goals are pretty simple and broad. Right now I’m spending most of my working hours outside doind manual labor. By nature, my metabolism must be pretty high because it doesn’t matter what I eat, if I don’t lift like crazy I simply won’t put on weight. So I’m just trying to eat as much as I can through the course of the day.

I carry a cooler with food in it in the truck ect. Try to eat plenty of food keeping my intake up, no cokes, sodas, junked-out foods. If I miss a meal during the day I get dizzy, sick, can’t lift as much. I’m seeing some ideas I can really use here like the Chili&Chicken combo that sounds really good and portable. The Sunday idea is something I have done before twice, Cooked a bunch of biscuits both time and ate biscuits and sausage for two days.

ALSO- Premade shrimp I didn’t think of but those are goooood!

Also DavidTower- What is a BJ’s? Is that a supermarket? I think my parents bought stuff from a place named BJ when I was little but I am certian they are not in this area.

Actually…upon reflection…I sort of am a bitch when it comes to cooking inside, for fear that my clean kitchen will become filthy. Ok I will go buy some more REAL groceries soon. But how do I keep my house from smelling like food?