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Bac Water

Found some info today that sodium chloride can be called Bac water. It has sodium chloride and benzyl alcohol.

down this page…www.hcgsupplies.com

One with benzyl alcohol and one without. You guys probably know this already, but I’ve read many times people asking what to get so thought I’d show this.

You need benzyl alcohol, typ 0.9%, so peptides do not become bacterial soup. If the BA water also contains ‘normal saline’ it is still BAC water.

aka as BA water - Benzyl Alcohol

Never use sterile water or sterile normal saline with peptides. The only exception would be when reconstituting a peptide then immediately injecting all of it. -which is really not done in a TRT context.

Understood…just thought I would post it. I’ve seen it asked far to many times and when my pharmacy filled script they put in BAC water…it just happen to have sodium chloride also.