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Babyslayer Needs His Own Radio Show



I wish I had a bb.com account so I could congratulate him on his progress. He has been absolutely killing it for a long time now.


Amen. Are you subbed to him on YouTube? He's been posting some pretty sick deadlift vids lately.


Nah, I just lurk on his training log and so I see them all there. Honestly, I think a lot of the stuff they have in their forums is more interesting, especially the Powerlifting section. The Misc is always fun too. It'd be cool if BS still posted here but apparently he's been banned quite a few times.


I remember seeing his first posts back in my senior year of high school and how much hate he was getting for gaining weight and being as heavy as he was (I think he got up to 385 before he was 18), how he was only strong because he was fat, how he'd never amount to anything blah blah. He definitely was strong as hell and then I didn't see him post for a long time.

Two days ago I check his log on a whim and see his 675x6 pull. Holy hell. Gear being a nonissue I don't think I've been as impressed with anyone's progress online as his.

Vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFNpcK39VS8


Yeah, I don't really like BB.com myself; any schmuck can have an article posted there. Do you have a link to his log? I'd like to see it, but navigating that website is such a drag for me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah dude, people talked way too much shit on him. Most of it on BB.com I think; that site has so many trolls IIRC.

Personally, I find Chris Hickson to be the craziest mofo around, although that doesn't take anything away from BS.


Haha yeah, the articles here are definitely better than the ones over there. There's just more personality there though and frankly there are better caliber lifters. I'll PM you the link.


Appreciate the link man.


(Commenting for someone else to see the thread)

I definitely hated on this guy for getting so absurdly fat years ago when he posted here, and I am pleasantly surprised to see where he has taken himself now. Extremely impressive lifts, and he isn't just "not fat" anymore, but LEAN and looking good.

Out of the countless other guys here that were loudmouths who swore by their ridiculous methods, he is the one in a million that actually amounted to something, though I still wouldn't recommend his "method" to others LOL.


I know nothing about this guy but damn those are some long arms.


Yep, I think I remember reading a thread about him in the T-Cell that went on for at least a few pages. He's actually changed his own views in regard to bulking, recommending a slow, clean bulk.

I have a friend who's very similar, just on a smaller scale. He's about 6'1" and 280-290 now. He's very strong, squatting about 650 and pulling around 700. He's also fat and eats basically shit. I don't know if he'll ever cut but the results would be crazy.


Oh yah, I remember him. What is he now like 270 or something? Looks like he has some big arms in those videos.


Compare his arms to his calves. I don't know if it's just the angle in the video but I found it pretty funny.

...that's not to say that he isn't hyooge or anything.


Somewhere around 270 in the video, right around 260 now. I think he's a hair under 20 inch arms. At his new weight he looks leaner than you but has some loose skin issues.