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Baby's Name

Ok, now that I have read everyone’s posts, I have some new idea’s. Something that is going to piss the parents off. If its a boy, we’re gonna name him something that sounds powerful. I choose Squat. Squat Hardcore Blakely. If its a girl, I think it’s going to be something smooth and elegant: Striated. Striated Pecs Blakely. Now I doubt that my kid is going to get beat up with a name like Squat or Striated, and c’mon ladies, wouldn’t you want to get with a guy named “Squat”?
BTW, totally kidding just thought I would throw this in for a laugh.

haha squat. “hey baby my name is squat. how YOU doin?” your son will be the mac daddy of them all!

The best name is DAD! So when you see yer kid you say ‘hi dad’ & he/she says ‘hi dad’ & then you say ‘hows it going dad?’ & he/she says ‘aw not too bad dad.’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Brayden? I teach junior high, and I’m pretty sure Brayden had better be a big burley motherfucker or he’s going to hate you.

Casey i really though you were serious about calling your kid squat, i couldnt believe it. I then breathed a sigh of relief for you kid when i read the last sentence of your post.
Drax, did you mean calling the boy dad or the girl?:wink:

On a related, but slightly off topic issue…

I want to start a new cultural trend: I think every one should choose their own name when they become of legal age; or move out of their parents home. You know, like the birth name your parents give you is just a temporary name, or a "starter name." Then you get to choose your own name later - like a right of passage or something. I mean, people choose their own "screen name." Why not real name? To me it just seems like being stuck with a name *that someone else gave you* to identify yourself just seems ... wrong. I mean, it's your identity, shouldn't you be the one to choose it? Wouldn't it be more meaninful that way? Otherwise it's like ghost of your parents haunts you forever. I mean, what if they gave you a really bad name like Ben Dover, or Harry Beaver or something? Why be stuck with that forever? Just a thought...

From FE, who has a very bland/plain/boring "real" name.

OK, now I’m going to have a Dennis Leary
moment here… (begin sarcastic rant)

"Middle names. I never understood middle names. What the fuck is that about? Your identified by your last name. You're called by your first name, or your nickname. Why do you even NEED a middle name? Is it so your parents can attach some god-aweful name to you, but put it in the middle so you'll never have to use it? What, TWO names aren't good enough? Does the value of the kid go up if they have more names? So we have to name them things like "Maryjane Jenna-Bray SmithKline"? Damn, people should be glad they don't get stuck with just ONE name. You know, like "Dick." Just Dick.
"What's your name?"
"Dick what?"
"No, that's it - Dick." "You can just call me Dick."

(end sarcastic rant)
From FE, who ONLY has a first and a last "real" name.

Something like Picabo Street?

you guys watch a lot of soap operas?

For a girl’s name, do whatever you want. But why do people have to constantly make up new names for boys? Brayden? I’ve never met anyone named Brayden. There is absolutely no character in a name like that. No history. You need to watch George Carlin’s latest HBO special. He puts boys names into perspective.

I believe one of his quotes is: “Ten times out of ten Tyler, Taylor, and Brent will get their asses kicked by Tommy, Tony, And Vinny.”

Seriously, if my parents named my Brayden, I’d probably kill them and bury them in the backyard. Give the kid a name with some character, not some name that he has to be embarrassed about. The kid has to live his whole life with this name, so don’t screw it up.

In short, give the kid a man’s name, not something you cooked up with the leftover scrabble pieces. He’ll appreciate you for it when he grows up.

Okay, I’m done ranting.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate all of your input, whether it be positive or negative. I just needed to see what people would think of the first names we came up with. Still have about 7 months of pregnancy left, so there is plenty of time to choose a name. All these posts actually remind me of my old football teammate Stacy. This dude was are star MLB in HS, luckily, and hit puberty at like 10. I guess the only way you can have a bad name is if your a true badass yourself: Dick Butkus!
Thanks again all.

I gotta say, for a girl, its not terribly vital what she’s named as long as its remotley feminine. If a woman is physically attractive, anything short of “chainsaw” would fit, but for a guy, ya gotta have a name that won’t conjure up thoughts of homosexuality. I’d say name the kid after something with meaning, after somebody they can look up to. You name the kid Osama, he’s gonna have a messed up life. If you name him after say, Arnold Schwarzenegger, he might have something to aspire to. At worst, the kid won’t care either way cuz all his classmates had flaky parents too, so all their names will be Taylor or Justin. Remember when George Costanza from Seinfeld wanted to name his son Seven for Mickey Mantle’s number? Thats a bit contrived, but he’s named after Mantle, that kid would be ok in life.