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Baby's Name

Hey everyone. Ok, just found out that my wife is pregnant, and we are deciding on names right now. We narrowed it down to Mallory Jayce (our last name is Blakely) and Jayden Ashley for a girl, Taylor Joseph and Brayden Mitchell for a boy. Just want to see which you guys prefer because both sets of (soon-to-be) grandparents can’t agree on one, and we are having trouble deciding too. Just need a little input. Thanks everyone and lift hard. --Casey

Go here & see what looks good www.kabalarians.com/gkh/your.htm

Brayden is a good one…

I hate the concept of having names - it would be great if we simply had a bar code tatooed on the side of our head when we are born, and that’s it…

Congratulations Casey. For a boy i prefer Taylor Joseph and for a girl, Jayden Ashley. Just my $0.02, good luck.

This should be you and your wife’s choice entirely, who cares what grandparents think. But, in my humble opinion, Jayden sounds like a boy and Taylor sounds more like a girl. I’ve come across lots of Taylor girls, but no guys.

Obviously the final decision is up to us, but we are getting so much shit from our parents. Both my parents and my wifes parents want a say in the final decision, they don’t get along, and they both want to top each other. On top of that, they both live within 1/2 hour of us, so we got them breathing down our neck.

Well, as for the “boyish” sounding girl name and vice versa, there’s really no norm any more. In fact, I just saw some model for Revlon, I think, whose name is James. SHE is named James. As for which one, well, you could wait until the baby is born and decide then when you first look at his/her face which one fits better. Also, think of the initials. When we were pregnant, we were thinking up names, and came up with Brianna Lynn (my last name is Tollefson). Well, that would have made the initials BLT, and I was damned if I was going to have a sandwich for a daughter. So we went with Brianna Kaytlin (my wife’s middle name is Kay, so we wanted to incorporate that somehow). Yeah, maybe that sounds funny, but that’s the story.

Tyler Durden Blakely for either sex

Mallory? Jayden? Brayden? Brianna? What happened to names like Barbara, Jennifer, Jane or Karen? Or for boys, Nick, Tony, Joey, or Jim? Maybe they were phased out along with coffee-flavored coffee when I was busy drinking beer-flavored beer and listening to the Rolling Stones. Sorry, having a Dennis Leary moment here.

P.S. If I had to go with a “non-traditional” name for a boy, I’d go with Cain. Think about it...would YOU pick on a kid named Cain? Didn’t think so.

When it’s a guy, Wolfram. When it’s a girl, maybe Meredith or Rebecca.

This is just my take on things, but it always seemed to me that parents should name their children on the basis of how the name will affect the child.

You, Casey, have a cool name. My name is John, which is trite and boring. I fully maintain to this day that had I been named something unique and cool, like "Spider-Man" for example, I would have had a lot more sex in high school. Therefore, you should pick a name for your son based on 1) what will get him beat up the least and 2) laid the most. Brayden is a cool name, I think he'll do okay with that.

For a girl, as long as it's not a name that is fundamentally ditzy, such as "Tiffany" you should be okay. Oh, and if you replace and "y" with an "i" your daughter will be born QUITE silly in the head, and likely be a slut...so stay away from those. Hehehe, okay, I'm done. Hope this helps.

Okay, every time I hear the name Nick I just think of that quote from “The Sure Thing”:
[Walter (Gib) Gibson] Elliot? You’re gonna name the kid Elliot? No, you can’t name the kid Elliot. Elliot is a fat kid with glasses who eats paste. You’re not gonna name the kid Elliot. You gotta give him a real name. Give him a name! Like Nick.
[Alison Bradbury] Nick?
[Walter (Gib) Gibson] Yeah, Nick! Nick’s the kinda guy you can trust. Nick’s your buddy. Nick’s the kinda guy you drink beers with. The kinda guy that doesn’t care if you puke in his car. Nick!

I think Jayden Ashley and Brayden Mitchell.

If the model you were talking about is James King, her real name is actually Jamie. I can’t remember why she goes by James, though.

My point exactly. Nick is a guy you can trust. Holden, on the other hand…

You poor things, having squabbling grandparents so close! I’m sure you will appreciate the closeness when you need babysitters, but honestly, they need to back off. Grandparents have no business determining what you name your children! They may offer their suggestions and opinions, but they really should keep their noses out of this one. Think up some really crazy names and tell them that if they don’t stay out of it, you will purposely name the child something totally off the wall.
And, I agree with whoever said not to pick something like Tiffany–generally really ditzy, also Chelsea, and the worst one is Crystal. Never met a Crystal that wasn’t ditzy. (Hope I haven’t offended anyone here!).

I picked the girl name. The missus picked the boy name. We let nature flip the coin for us.

How about naming him/her, Lumpy, Fritter, Schonuby, Rectil…Just some thoughts…I named my daughter Thong.

I would avoid feminine sounding names for a guy. How about Cameroon? Cam Blakely? I think that’s a cool name and in keeping with the Irish or Scottish thing you’ve got going. Maybe William as in Bill Blakely.