Baby's First Cycle/PCT Advice

Hey y’all. I’m about to finish my first cycle and I’m looking for some PCT advice. I’m 27, 6ft, 180lbs. Active at the gym 5-6 days a week, live a sober lifestyle. I’ve been taking 250mg test-enanthate twice weekly – when finished, the cycle will be 10 weeks total. Any advice for cycling off, what to take, how much, for how long? Thanks a bunch.

I highly recommend controlling your estrogen. Most will say to use an AI, like armidex, but if you go with a smaller dose of test, which you should since it’s your first cycle, then rubbing one out twice a day will take care of the test before it converts to estro. Also, avoid soy based protein, as it will cause your test to convert as well. If you can pull off three-a-days then you should be fine.

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Ok. I’ve just been taking the test on this cycle, haven’t been using an AI at all. Per my research it sounds like taking something like Nolvadex for PCT is enough with mild cycles like this, but there’s a lot of conflicting information online, so I want to be sure.

Wait. You started your cycle without knowing what your pct was going to look like? Did you get any Nolva or Clomid before the cycle started?

Yeah… I’m now realizing that’s not the best idea. I’ve been taking advice from a friend of mine, but reaching out to others to get a more clear idea of what I should do. I have three doses of test left, so I’ll be done on March 24. I’ve been advised to take HCG starting March 31, 250 units daily for 10 days, then Nolvadex 40mg daily for two weeks, then 20mg daily for one week. Does that sound accurate?

Do not listen to this.

Ok…? Why shouldn’t I listen to this? What is a better alternative? I’m trying to learn here.

He’s telling you to jerk off to control estrogen on cycle. That’s not real advice.

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Yeah I figured. What do you think of the plan I posted above?

Hey did not see this explicitly stated above. From your last shot at the minimum you wait about two weeks. Say on week 10 that Wednesday was your last shot. Me myself I would wait until the Monday of week 13 to start the PCT. Being that you ran 500 a week your levels will be still high just waiting the 10 day half life of enanthate. Waiting until the beginning of week 13 is just giving a little more time for that build up of the enanthate to clear out. If you start PCT too early it can be waisted because you can’t recover until the synthetic hormone levels are low enough to allow natural production to start up again.

Your proposed dosage of Nolvadex and schedule looks good.

If you want to get a simple explanation of half life and all that click on my name and go look at my other comments on other thread. I just did a pretty lengthy rant about half live in the past two weeks.

Now for to obligatory covering of bases. You should have had pct lined out before you started, it is the MOST important part of a cycle. Also you should have had blood work before you started. If you purposely chose not to run AI you should have still had it in hand before you started for just in case. Finally don’t forget to get blood work post PCT to make sure you have started properly recovery, it takes months for total recovery. Also make sure to keep pushing in the gym it’s more important to recovery than it is given credit for.

Thanks for this reply. I’ve learned from my mistakes and will definitely have PCT figured out in the future.

So besides all the pct stuff, how was your cycle? What type of gains did you end up with. What was your starting height, weight body fat and what was your end weight and body fat (guess)?
Good luck with pct. Did you get blood tests done at any point in your cycle since you weren’t running an AI the whole time?

The cycle has been pretty good. I’ve probably put on around 15-20 pounds and have made some decent strength gains. My goal is mass/bulk, I’m 6ft - 180 now and would eventually like to be around 235. For the first few weeks I wasn’t counting calories or paying attention to macros and accidentally had myself on a low-carb diet - I fixed that quickly but I wish I had been eating right from the get-go. I aim for around 5000 calories a day.