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Baby - Soy or Dairy

I have a friend who has a 2-year-old girl and she will not feed the baby too much milk so she gives her some skim milk and some soymilk. I found this out when we were talking about nutrition and I began to spat off about the evils of soy. She is now freaked out because she has her child hooked on soy and is weary of milk as well. What is better? When should kids be weaned off milk?

Is it even that big a deal for a kid or is it even a bigger deal since it is a yute?

Israel just put the kibosh on some soy forumla. There was speculation that 6 babies may have been hurt.

I’d feel safer with coconut milk formula, and would seek out those formulas which include fish oil.

This doesn’t answer your question, but may provide more info. The following is a sneak preview of part of Doug Kalman’s next “Alternative Pharmacist” column:

"…the Foods Standards Agency of the United Kingdom (www.foodstandards.gov.uk) recently released a report denoting that phytoestrogens as found in soy (and in other foods/supplements) does have estrogenic effects on estrogen receptors and thus in some females may increase the risks of hormone sensitive cancers. The report also said that infants fed soy formulas are exposed to the greatest concentrations of phytoestrogens (isoflavones). Finally, the report noted that soy can interrupt and disrupt thyroid function and activity in infants by inhibiting the enzyme thyroid peroxidase.

These findings have led the U.K. government to recommend that physicians monitor thyroid function in infants fed soy-based formulas. The agency (FSA) also noted that in some animal studies soy altered reproductive health (ala the soy-boy).

The report should also make many rethink their vegan or strict vegetarian ways. The FSA believes the high soy intakes in these groups have an even greater estrogenic potential and thus may have a mountain of possible negative health side effects over years of eating this way.

Also, the FSA strongly stated that individuals with hypothyroidism and who take thyroid replacement while on a high soy diet, run the risk of not having the medicine actually work since the phytoestrogens in soy can disrupt thyroxine activity.

To summarize, while us in the “T-know crew” know much of the aforementioned, many people in our society do not. Soy supplementation may just be the antithesis of a supplement for the bodybuilder or powerlifter. However, if you eat soy every now and then, there should be no worries. It’s the aspect of soy disrupting thyroid function in infants, hypothyroid people on replacement, and perhaps even the dieter that give me concern. Couple this with the fact that soy may not be good for the female with breast cancer or at risk for breast cancer and we have a misinformation campaign that has been played on the U.S. public.

In short, soy sucks."

The full article will run this Friday!

I would never ever recommend soy for a baby. giving soy formula is the equivalent of giving a baby birth control pills. i’ll post more later on this topic after i get out of work.

What happened to breast milk?

Reduces diabetes. Plus… it’s a breast. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

I know… the kid’s two. Maybe no milk at all? Water, anyone?

Just keep away from the applejuice/kool-aid bullshit that I see so many parents feeding their kids in those sippy-cups. It will suck hardcore for a while, because the kid is going to want all that sugary goo. But if your friend stays firm with the new rule, I don’t think there will be long-term problems.

Dan “Boobs!” McVicker

was browsing and found this link. my kids will never have soy after reading this.


After a human baby is weaned there is no need for milk from a cow. Calcium rich food sources will have to be used to meet dietary requirements instead. Milk is just an easy way to get your Cal and Vit.D. It isn’t mandatory for mammals. You dont’ see any other mammal drinking cow’s milk once they are weaned from their Mother’s Milk…which is what human babies are supposed to have.

humans have been drinking dairy, mostly cultured (like yogurt, kefir, clabbored milk etc.) for thousands of years, it’s very healthy and very ok. many people are lactose intolerant after the age of 3 years or so, but drinking cultured dairy is usually ok for them. (the good bacteria eat the milk sugars first)
humans are uniquely adapted to drink milk beyond weaning. i’m not gonna get into that. but… as far as milk is concerned, the grocery store milk is substandard. the ultimate source of milk, which is what i would recommend, is raw cows milk from grass fed, free ranging healthy cows. i see you’re in florida. there’s a few source of raw milk in florida. try www.realmilk.com
for some links about milk. you can also read the following web site to learn why soy is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially for babies.
send me a PM if you have more questions.