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Baby Shower Ideas

Hello friends,

I am happy to announce that our family has been blessed with the baby boy, so we want to organize the naming ceremony/shower party for him. Kindly suggest some good ideas with your experience. I have gone through sites as well like babynology, namebery.

Please do suggest some gift ideas as well.


Diapers. Lots of diapers. And wipes. Maybe some gift certificates to babysit so you can sneak in some solid hours of sleep.

That’s the stuff I really needed when my son was an infant.

You just had a baby and are a hosting a party for yourself? Call me old fashioned, but shouldn’t someone else do that for you?

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I’m old fashioned, too. I’m sort of appalled recently by the number of parties I get invited to per joyous event. Gender reveal parties, baby showers, and now introduction showers.

I suppose gift ideas would be the things you want or need. It won’t do you any good for me to suggest a swing if you already have one, right?

I never understood providing gift ideas. Is it a celebration or a charity event?

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That seems strange to me too and I agree with you. On one hand it reduces confusion and multiples of the same gift, but on the other hand, registries look like a wish list that include instructions on where and what to buy. My wife did the registry thing for our wedding and son, but honestly, I felt a bit ashamed and embarrassed.

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We just had to have the “should we just elope?” conversation again yesterday. I want to get married, not host a circus featuring me as the over-dressed lead clown. I think I’m set on just doing it simply in the backyard and it’s all no big deal then I realize people are talking about traveling from far away and friends are sending pics of dresses they think I’d like and Kevin is telling me “we have less than a year, you’d better start figuring this out” I’m like, OMG, this is not just going to be like a Friday night when our friends come over and we hang out. Which is what I want. Just an afternoon-into-evening, comfortable, giftless, happy time. So then I think maybe we should skip it altogether, but then he says okay, but he would like to have his daughter there and I realize I need mine there, too, then he mentions his sister and BIL and I think, yeah, plus my BFF, and what about everyone else?

It’s a fucking quagmire, is what it is.

Since you are both well established in life and together, why not make the gift optional as a donation to your favorite charity/pet cause/scholarship program or something?

I can see gifts from close friends and family if its a young couple just starting out in life but for a couple of established adult professionals it just seems frivolous. We had a mix up on our wedding registry and ended up with about six full sets of tableware, which I have slowly been giving away to my nieces as they have grown up and moved out on their own.

My wedding to Frank was a very small affair with close family only including parents, children and siblings. There were maybe 15 of us and we had sandwiches and finger food at my house after we were married by a justice of the peace. It was lovely and relaxed. Because it was a second wedding for both of us and we’re a bit long in the tooth, we didn’t really do gifts. One notable exception was the dyson my mom gave me but she knows I have a long, abiding love of good vacuums.

Do it how you want it and don’t let anyone push you into anything bigger or more elaborate than you are either comfortable with and can pay for without killing yourself.

fwiw, I’m super old fashioned about a lot of the fund raisers that some weddings seem to have become.

I’m not worried about gifts so much as that I just hate what a show it all becomes. My people will do fine with a no-gifts thing - some will ignore it, but most people will understand that we’re crammed to the rafters with stuff already and are seriously not looking for more things to house.

But things do feel more complex when we take into account our long distance guests, which is most of them.

We’ll see. We may elope yet.

Hookers and blow obviously.

Diapers, wipes, and spit rags. Go to a consignment shop for clothes. They wear shit like 1 time before it’s too small.