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Baby Rape

Possibly one of the most despicable things. A man was found guilty of raping and sodomising a nine month old baby girl in South Africa.’

South Africa has the highest incidence of rape in the world with 15% of those being on children under the age of eleven - that’s seemingly about 21,000 per year. Statistics estimate that there could be up to 1,800 new cases of HIV infection daily.’

Story plus more detailed info and statistics at
// news.bbc.co.uk / 1/ hi / world / africa /default.stm

I have read most of the people who rape in Africa have AIDS and they believe if they have sex with a young person it will cure their disease. Weird shit!

I watched a story about this on CNN while I was on the treadmill at the gym. I almost threw up. They had a 6 month old infant who was in critical condition from the internal injures. Evidently it is thought that if you have HIV it will be cured by having sex with a virgin - and they can be assured she is a virgin if she is a baby. They also think that having sex with a virgin will protect you from getting HIV in the future.

They should casterate these idiots without anastetic, then let them rot in jail for the rest of their lives. Sound harsh? These defenseless babies will never lead a normal life after this kind of trauma, the psycological after effects have been documented, and many lose all reproductive function because of the extensive injuries.

No trial. No jury. Just get a rope and a nearby cottonwood tree.

The most severe punishment possible for child molesters is to put them in prison. In there, they are the dirt beneath the totem pole.