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Baby Joe Mesi


"In fact, one of my athletes, undefeated, world ranked, heavyweight boxer Baby Joe Mesi is fighting this Saturday evening. You can catch the fight on HBO. Joe is in sensational shape: 6'1", 235lbs., 9% fat, and is using many Biotest products. I've been fortunate to be a part of Joe's training since the '96 Atlanta Olympics."

I'm calling bullshit on the 9% bodyfat, but damn he whipped that guys ass tonight.


I've seen Joe fight in the Niagara Falls / Buffalo area some time ago. He looked promising.


I agree on the the bodyfat thing, but why the hell does a heavyweight boxer need to be under %10 percent in the first place? What makes me laugh is how Mesi constantly calls out guys like Tyson, Lewis and Holyfield. I'm not saying that he has no talent, but he has not earned a payday against one of those guys. His people have put him up against a bunch of bums and kept him safe in his home town. Williamson was a step up, but that's not saying much. Williamson didn't even start boxing until he was 25 and he has no chin. If Mesi wants to earn a title shot or a payday with someone like Tyson, he should either fight a contender like, Tua, Rahman... Hell! Even John Ruiz! Or at least a faded ex-champ like Moorer or Mercer.


Hey, I saw the fight. It sucked, not because it was a bad fight, but because I left the room for like .0987 seconds and it was over. :smiley: