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Baby Joe Mesi Romps!

Alessi’s boy just popped open a can of whoop ass. KO at 1 minute, 40 seconds of the first round. Damn!

Did you see the Thrilla in Manilla!!! Ali wins another over Foreman!!!

The forum’s jaytruly and I used to train alongside Baby Joe over at Canisius College back in the day…I was happy to see him chalk up another KO, but I still think he’s yet to have a real test. In any case, I like that he gets publicity for Buffalo, and hope that he can make it big in the coming years.

Buffalo fighter fighting in Buffalo. Whos gonna win?

I was at my barber’s today and he predicted a KO in the first round, said it was staged for Baby Joe to win.

I’m not saying I’m not happy for him, but I have a feeling it was staged.

I actually knew a buncha people that went. One guy paid like $112 for his seats and thats probably cheap compared to some of em.