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Baby got back!


I have a particularly large ass. My legs are a decent size as well as my calves, however my ass makes me appear to be fatter than I really am.

My question is this: If I were to do a lot of cardio, would I lose a lot of size in my upper body as well as my lower body?

And, is there anything that I can do to keep working legs without targeting my ass too much?


I can't help you. All I can say is Amen brother and I am looking forward to reading all of the posts that follow up this one. There ain't a regular pair of jeans that can hold me.


damn, i was gonna say id hit it, then i found out your a dude.


I feel your pain as well. I have a pretty large ass....you might mistake it for a table even.


I have the same problem. Check out my ass


hey p-dog, i'm feeling u man, i was thinking the same thang!!!!!,

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I am a part of this crew also.


I remember a Sports Illustrated article years back that quoted an O-lineman from the NFL saying he didn't get really good until he developed a "Fun House Mirror Butt." Made me laugh because I finally had a good term for my backyard.

Get your upper body larger and you'll seem more proportionate...definitely not the Brad Pitt look, but then you've gotta decide what type of physique you want. I can't put on any decent muscle without include squats/deads/good mornings, etc. And with those comes the ass...at least for me.

High bar squats with heels elevated on blocks or plates takes some of the emphasis off glutes, but most guys can't push much weight that way.

The other question is, what's your body fat? A muscular ass is one thing, but a fat, dumpy one is another.

(I feel like I need a shower after discussing a guy's ass like this...not that there's anything wrong with it, right?)


Keep doing regular cardio, and you will never lose the fat. Cardio is aerobic, therefore your body will not want to get rid of the fat in your hips. The resistance is not high enough to raise hormone levels to create an adaptation to bring about the fat loss. The fat is stored in this area to provide an easily available source of fuel for the aerobic exercise. The body will figure that the fat reduces the time to recover and the fat will help to provide energy to the muscle. You will remain fat if you follow this madness. It's all about the hormone levels, which is why a top bodybuilder can get so low in fat, without doing cardio. His hormonal profile is through the roof because of the exogenous hormones he is taking! In your case, you need to use high resistance exercise in order to release your natural hormones to bring about a body composition change, so do some high resistance intervals every now and then.


I mostly do squats, deadlifts and their variations for legs. These are the best exercise for legs but they also work equally well for the gluteus.

I'm not sure what can be done other than focusing on movements that isolate the quads and hams to give the rear-end a break. Bodybuilders are often careful not to over-develop their buts. They do this by focusing on leg-extensions, leg-curls, machine hack squats, and other movements that minimize the involvement of the gluteus.

This just isn't acceptable for me though. I can't train legs without squats and deads so I live with it. Besides, other exercise don't work as well for me anyways.


check out Don Alessi's Meltdown training.



I don't have a lot of fat on my ass, it's just a large amount of muscle from squatting like a fiend. I do deads at least once a week, which doesn't help the ass either. When I do legs, I usually just try to do things like the leg curls and extensions, with occasional squats.

By cardio, I meant doing the running man programs by CT.

What I was asking was would doing this type of "cardio" help me to reduce the size of the muscle on my ass, not neccessarily the fat (because that's not the problem). And also, in doing this, would this cause me to lose a lot of size on my upper body as well? Thanks for all of the replies so far.


If you do the HIIT cardio, as you mentioned, you will not lose the muscle in the arse, it might in fact increase it. But why do you feel this is a bad thing? If it is solid, it's a good thing. Who wants a flat ass? Certainly not me, and certainly not any women I know of. This is mostly determined by genetics, so you are going to have to accept your large butt, much like I have learned to accept my genetically large penis!(I wish).


I got the same issue and all i can say is that you need to stay away from doing any activity that makes your glutes sore. I've often thought about just doing extensions and curls for a long period of time to see if i could get my legs stronger and bigger but then it's no fun without the squats and deads. Cardio would just decrease the mass of all the muscles. It's ok to have baggy jeans feel tight cause the girls dig it big. :slight_smile: laters pk