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Baby Got Back.


Started a new log for you, Up. :-))


Gee, thanks PG, Id hunt you down and, never mind youd like it, haha

I had to find another back pic...


Wow Up, your back is looking incredible!


I'm a superhero too -Captain Obvious! Lol.

Technically, "Baby got Back" is not a pun, but it does have multiple meanings...hint, hint again...Moar Pics!!!

Super serious, your back is looking awesome Up, you are obviously putting in some serious effort on multiple fronts.


Thanks PG, Ive added some nice muscle, and a little bit of goo.

More of me to hold, at least thats what I tell myself ...

Not sure what the winter training will bring for spring/summer, I try to stay realistic.

Ill try to get some moar cough "back" shots.


Oh yes! more of you to hold, squeeze, pinch...um, I need a minute here.

Back's looking awesome, Up!

Looking forward to the new log. Get it, get it, get it, girl!


Gulp. You're getting shoulders. Like a . . . BODYBUILDER.

Really, Up, you're starting to get seriously intimidating.


Mash shouldnt you be packing your little tiny bikini about now?

As you can see I can relate to holding some fat in the arms :wink: although I didnt see any in your pic.

This is last months bootie but it will do, bruises and all.


CAV, seriously the florescent coming down on me emphasizes the muscles, not that its not kinda cool, but does make me look more dramatic.


Up your back is magnificent
nice progress

I too need a moment.


KMac is a stronger man than I, because I need a full timeout.


Yay! Looking good up!


Holy testosterone boost, Batman!! Are you sure hubby doesn't get jealous of you posting these hot pix of yourself?


Guys take as much time as you need, lol.

CAV wellll he wasnt too happy about some previous pics, Ill leave it at that. Boost in your T
hmm I get some credit for your next PR then!

OK BACK TO bizness!!

training still on schedule, not going to post what you missed, nothing earth shattering. Ive been doing 2 days
at the gym now, one lower and one upper. Seems to be working.

BENCH training day @ home

45x10 55x8 65x6 75/3x8 rep pr x1 lol
wide grip 70 2x8,1x10

DB shoulder press 15s 1x12, 20s 2x12

Tbar ghetto 48/10 58/8 68/6 78/4 58/10 ---> using the smaller plates, per Joe to get more range of motion :smiley:
Im climbing back up to my 1 rep with the 90 using 45 plate.

combo dbtri 15s kick back with a hold at top 3x10
dbcurl started with 20s, went back down to 15s 3x10

combo inverted row 15s 3x8
lat raise - delt triad 10s 3x5

working on getting my grip wider it feels pretty darn good now, ring finger smooth ring. I played around with the competition "pause" work. Leg drive Im using only when I really have to. Got some decent speed on the bench too.Love benching.

EDIT 2 days gym and 2 days home with the weights.


Nice lifting Up! Seems like you're all business .

And the pics are awesome! You're looking fantastic. Hard work does pay off.


All be darn, welcome back UP. Looking great as always.


You were right on wg bp, you had done more wt for 10 before the crash...lol.


DDOT funny how yea its work, but I do love this job!

DDay ummm I was going to take a little brake, but I guess it didnt happen. Power on!!

G1 are you calling me out?


Oh my...just looking amazing...I was wondering where your log was Im really really glad I found it!


^^^ Those guys are right Upscale. You have an amazing looking butt!

EDIT: DAMN YOU autocorrect!!!!

That should have read back.