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baby food

I’m a long time reader and a long time lifter, but this is the first time i’ve posted in a while. But I have a quick question about what this one trainer told me. He said that a lot bof profesional atrhletes eat baby food before they preform. I want to know the truth behind it and why they do it.

Baby food is a good source of protein and carbohydrates and I would imagine, relatively bioavailable given its target audience.



Back in the 80’s, it was popular among the bodybuilding crowd for something like the following rationale:

  1. Babies grow fast.
  2. Babies eat baby food.
  3. I want to grow fast.
  4. Therefore, I should eat baby food.

I shit you not. Sure, something about the “nutrients being pre-digested, so it’s easier to absorb” but you can get this same “effect” by putting your food in a blender.

A couple questions: how old is this trainer? And… was he serious?

Dan “Not ACE certified” McVicker

T-Mag did an interview with power-lifter Mike Miller, he says he eats baby food the day of a meet…

milk is for babies.

I can only imagine how many jars of baby food they must have gone through

the purpose behind consuming baby food is minimal calories and bloating while going through pre-judging to keep your energy up.

Men drink “be-urh”

I’ve never heard of trainees eating baby food before, but but I know an athletic trainer who uses Pedialite(sp?) for rehydration with his football players.

Maybe they eat babies?