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Baby Food as an MRP?

Hello all. I know it sounds like a cheap shot, but the only other supplement I can afford is egg whites mixed with skim milk. I live in Ukraine, and whey or casein protein powders are way beyond my budget. Locally produced baby foods are approx. 15% fat, 25% protein and 60% carbs. Would it be better than no supplement for bulking up if taken on training days only? Or should I stay away from this much carbs at all costs? I am a 26 y.o. male with over 8 years of training experience. Please share your opinions. Also, what are your personal choices on affordable quality food (besides tuna, turkey, chicken breasts, etc)? Thanks a lot.

Stick with the real food. You have oatmeal right thats a good source of carbs? Vegetables?Milk? What different kinds of fish? halibut? salmon? albacore tuna? Read the nutrition articles that are posted on the T-mag website. Then from those use what you can. Articles like Massive Eating, Foods that make you look good nekid, appetite for construction and so on.

Thank you, Greg. I’ve read all of those articles more than once before posting my question here. I am not new to this site. You should know how difficult it is to get 6,500 “good” calories a day using natural food only, especially on a low budget. Oh, well… Thanks again.

The carbs are a little high but what the hell, give it a shot. Eggs are a great source of protein. Hamburger is cheap source of red meat here in the U.S.

My brother was at the weigh station a few months back (he’s a cop) and a truck full of rotting (and he said really ROTTING) vegetables came through. He asked the driver “Why are you hauling rotting vegetables?” The guy answered “(Insert name of famous baby food company) cooks this stuff down for it’s baby food.” Needless to say, his daughter will be eating homemade baby food when she’s old enough. YUCK!

Hey George! Totally unrelated, but I’ll be in Kyiv in about 3 weeks, then on to Yalta. Where are you from?

Rotting vegetables in baby foods? I think I’ll stick to oatmeal, eggs and cottage cheese : ) Probably the only way to figure it out is give it a try and see if I can gain any muscle on top of the flab caused by the high carbs. Thank you ko and Demo Dick. Good luck.

Sorry, elegua: when I was posting my last message yours wasn’t there yet and I couldn’t reply to you. Since you are going to Kyiv, you should know of Dnipropetrovsk, a city down the river of Dnipro. I live in Pavlograd, a small town of miners in the Dnipropetrovsk county (don’t look for it on a map, you won’t find it : ). I don’t know if you’ve been to Yalta before, but it’s a good place to visit. I wish you good luck on your trip.

I don’t know if it’s available where you are, but try evaporated skim milk. It’s relatively cheap and each can has 20g p/ 30g c/ .5g f. If you were to throw in a couple of eggs it would bump the protein up to 30-32g and the fat up to 10-11g. If this isn’t available to you, try powdered skim milk. Buy it in bulk and it’s quite cheap. For a decent mrp, mix about a cup of powdered milk with a banana and a little honey. Good luck.