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Baby Bumps and Bumper Plates


What do you girls think of training while pregnant? I think it’s up to the women’s discretion of what they can or can’t do while pregnant. Crossfitter’s seem to love the attention they get for training crossfit. In my opinion you ain’t shit unless you do 20 burpees after 20 snatches then give birth.

Her baby her body. Personally atleast she is not like 90% of the other women who use it as a excuse to sit on their ass and “Eat for TWO”… Yeah because that fetus really needs it own fucking extra large pizza. Just my opinion.

I wanna see the evidence for her risking a miscarriage just because she was working hard while pregnant. That seems like people just being dumb. And stupid.

But otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t really know how gestation works, but I’m willing to bet that if its good for you, its good for the baby as well. Plus, the addition of all those endorphins and dopamine from lifting might help prevent post-partem depression after the birth.

I think it?s probably a good thing to do for the baby. I don?t know that an out of shape mom should suddenly start intense training because that might be too much stress. And there are probably exercises that could be a risk of blunt trauma or something I wouldn?t do, like kiping pull ups, or catching heavy medicine ball chest passes, but other than that it?s probably closer to what women have done for the past 6 million years.

Unless they’re being a complete dumbass then I don’t see a problem with it.

Yeah It’s their choice. I think the faceless lazy people are the ones attacking her online because they don’t train themselves. I agree with not doing exercises that could risk trauma to the baby. Like the freak accident with the guy who got paralyzed, they probably want to keep the area clean so mishaps don’t happen.

Is anyone else bothered by the fact they keep referring to her as a bodybuilder?

I was at first, but it turns out she is a former stage competitor. I didn’t investigate whether it was physique or bodybuilding, but I would guess the former, so technically they are still wrong.

I think that when a woman gets pregnant, the “holy shit, I have to keep this thing safe” hormones go into serious overdrive. What I mean by that is if a woman is weightlifting while pregnant, odds are good that she is doing it carefully.

Granted, there are some crazy crossfit mom-to-be types who have done some really stupid shit on youtube, but I would argue they are the exception, not the norm. And by exception, I mean serious fucking outliers.

I think being fit and exercising while pregnant is healthy as hell for the baby. I think, biologically speaking, it is only in this past century that mothers have even had an option to relax a bit during pregnancy, so they certainly don’t “need” to take time off when pregnant.

Of course, there are safer exercises and more idiotic exercises one can do when pregnant, and we will likely see the full spectrum of the bell curve if we track pregnant women exercising (not that I recommend tracking anyone but yourself).