Baby Buggy Pushing

Since becoming a dad 3 months ago I had to slow down on everything concerning training. at the moment i’m repeating a training cycle several times to make sure i handle the weight. lack of sleep makes progress A LOT harder. what i’m doing a lot though is, i put on my weighted vest when pushing the baby buggy around for an hour. my vest is not particularly wavy but 20 kg extra for an hour of buggy pushing is quite a good work out.

what i thought about is this: Somebody (not me - i’m really bad in constructing stuff) should invent a buggy that is plate loadable so people like us could throw in some strongman work while pushing their kids aroundâ?¦ :wink:

they have. first you’ll need one of those baby backpacks to take your minion for a ride then get or make one of these “strongman wheel barrows”.

or go on the cheap and get a wheel barrow from lowes and put a few bags of quickcrete or other heavy stuff in it.