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BA in Galenika Amps?

I’m using lower doses for the time being and want to preload syringes with Galenika Test Enth from amps. The package insert says it has test enth for the active ingredient and refined olive oil for inactive ingredients. It says nothing about BA or any solvents. Does anyone know if it has BA in it? Would it stay sterile preloaded in a syringe with no air bubble for 3-4 days? I’ve heard some oils in amps don’t have BA because they are manufactured for one time use only. Any thoughts or insight?


I’m also interested in this, will use the same Galenika TEST-E. I purchased a empty sterile vial to transfer all the amps in it first thing first.

I am only guessing here, but I would say that it would be fine preloaded into syringes for short times.

A lack of BA won’t make a difference. If due to acceptable handling procedures the needle/syringe was fine to inject at the time of drawing the amp, it will still be fine after putting a cap on the needle and storing it.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I thought the BA in vials was to keep the oil sterile enough to avoid infection while undergoing multiple draws and contamination from all the air that you push into the vial for each draw. Is it less about the air contaminating the oil and more about possible contamination from a dirty stopper or touching the needle on something? I’m just curious how contact to the air during the drawing/preloading process will or will not affect the sterility of the oil. You seem to be saying it won’t but why won’t it? This is interesting to me.

Benzyl alcohol is a bacteriostatic, not a bactericide. In other words it prevents growth, but does not kill bacteria.

Not much growth is possible anyway in an anabolic steroid oil formulation because the amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, etc are virtually zero.

You are correct that on injecting air into a vial there is the possibility that an airborne bacterium may be injected into the vial.

But under ordinary living conditions (maybe not in a pigsty) this isn’t a problem with oil formulations that lack BA.

As for a dirty stopper, indeed one should follow good practice of fairly thoroughly wiping the stopper with an alcohol wipe before inserting the needle.

It probably is not the case that any substantial portions of injections are actually sterile in the literal sense. It takes a lot of work to actually sterilize the skin, as is done in major surgeries for example. A quick wipe with an alcohol swab greatly reduces the number of bacteria on that portion of the skin but is unlikely to bring the number to zero. The needle probably usually picks up some bacteria, I would think. I don’t know of research in that area, though.

This is not a problem because:

  1. Most bacteria are not pathogenic
  2. Generally speaking what is required to start an infection is a bacterial load beyond some given amount. A single bacterium, or ten of them, or what have you does not start infections except in immune-compromised individuals.

This isn’t to say that it is acceptable to be nasty in how the injections are done, but there need not be the fear that a single bacterium will cause a problem, either.

Thanks Bill. I understood that BA is bacteriostatic but didn’t know if it would be a problem if it were absent. I also understand (perhaps incorrectly) that injectable oil is a difficult medium to grow bacteria. I just wanted to hear peoples’ opinions on preloading with a lack of BA. I’m sure if someone were to inject an oil with BA using the best technique they can might still get an infection from one injection out of 100 or 1000 or 10,000 anyway given that they can’t be sterile in a literal sense.

Thanks for your help!

Glad to be of assistance!