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B6: Prolactin, GH, Libido


I started to post this on the Supplementation Board but thought that it might be more of interest here.

I became interested in vitamin B6 supplementation after reading an article by Dr. Carl Pfeiffer who claimed that one indicaton of low B6 level was inability to recall dreams in the morning.

So, I started supplementing with 200 mg/day of B6 at bedtime. Sure enough, I started having vivid dreams which I was able to recall the morning after. However, one thing that I have noticed that I had not expected was its effect on my libido. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with RAGING wood! And having more sexual thoughts during the day and night.

Now it is true that my libido had increased as a result of recently reducing my estrogen. However, my libido was further enhanced with the above dosage of B6.

It turns out that a number of studies have been done that indicate that B6 supplementation increases Growth Hormone and reduces Prolactin. Here are a couple from Pub Med:


However, a Google search will turn up many more.

I am also adding magnesium 600 mgs, also at bedtime. Of course, this is part of the formula of ZMA, albeit I am taking more B6 and more magnesium than is in that formula, and the zinc I am taking (60 mg) is being taken in the morning.
My understanding that the magnesium and zinc are synergistic with B6.

Oh, the first week, you might find that your dreams are weird and even disturbing on the B6. I don't know why that is but it will pass.

Also, apparently B6 starts being toxic at 400 mg. per day, so be mindful of that.


I had virtually the same experience once I started taking ZMA. I was never one to have alot of dreams let alone recall any, but once I started ZMA, holy crap. And as you mentioned, the nocturnal (and morning) wood was suddenly occurring also.


I think i have to try this sound very interesting. Thanks for the tip.


Do you eat a lot of brocoli or any other (b) rich foods ?


I may give this a shot.
I've always lived with nightmares...so much so that I had to stop ZMA.


Well, you can give it a shot, but I suspect that it is the B6 in the ZMA that gives you the nightmares. It's definitely not the zinc or the magnesium. Before I started, the B6 I was using magnesium 600 mg before bed. That gave me better sleep but no recall. It's only when I added the B6 that I got vivid, really weird dreams.

BTW, it may be important to play with the doses. Last night, I did 300 mgs of B6 (instead of my usual) 200 mgs and it actually caused some sleep difficulties. I don't know if that's too high FOR ME or if my body needs to adapt.

On the other hand, you could take the ZMA in the morning. It might not be as efficace as at bedtime, but if you are having nightmares that disturbe your sleep, it's better to take it at a different time, I should think.


Yes, I do.


B6 lowers prolactin (so that Dopamine may increase), so that might explain your rise in libido.


Yes, that's right. And come to think of it, the increase in dopamine probably has to do with the weird, lucid dreams and, as I discovered by increasing my dosage last night, some insomnia. I seem to do well on 100-200 mg per night but anything over hurts my sleep.

If that's the case, then B6 should be great to take before having sex. I have heard it joked that a Parkinson's Ward in a hospital is a very horny place,due to the bromocriptine, etc that all the patients are taking. Perhaps B6 is a cheap, safer alternative to bromocriptine, cabergoline. What do you think?


entheogens, I've read about the bromo/cabergoline "benefit" as well.

It would be fun to experiment to try to determine the ideal "pre-sex" interval needed to get the best out of a hit of B6.


One of those links points out that there are different types of B6 and that pyridoxine HCL worked better than other forms.

The HCL may be the most common form or only form readily available. Capsules and bulk powder at LEF.org are the HCL.

Your gut can only absorb so much zinc and magnesium at once. Copper and zinc are competitive for absorption, an excess of once can block the other. Calcium and magnesium are also competitive. So do not take overly large amounts at once.

Nice report!


My Prolactin was slightly elevated - 24 with the range 3-18. I have been supp'ing w/ 400mg + ZMA (7mg) daily for a couple of weeks and just had my blood pulled a couple of days ago. I'll let you know if it has any influence on my blood levels.


Yes, that sounds like a "fun" science project :wink: Report back and let us know how it goes. I will do the same.

I am always perplexed as to why some people take these Calcium-Magnesiums combinations, since, as you point out they compete with one another.

Pfeiffer rightly or wrongly, attributed a number of mental, psychological, emotional problems to copper and felt that it usually did not need to be supplemented. One of the reasons he prescribed Zinc is to reduce the body's copper levels.

Please do. I think that would be very interesting information for us. What kind of things elevate Prolactin?
BTW, I like your moniker!


When I was a teenager, there was a very wealthy old guy (in his early 70's) who lived next door and he would go to the doctor for a "B vitamin" shot the morning before his monthly afternoon visit by an extremely beautiful young woman.


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He was. He taught me many things about the ways of the world. If Viagra had been around in those days I suspect those visits would have been more frequent. He also had a great wit. He once was asked why he never remarried after his wife died and his reply was, "At my age there's no point in buying; I prefer to rent."


Also, apparently B6 starts being toxic at 400 mg. per day, so be mindful of that.

Taking a lot of many of the B vitamins in isolation can cause problems. Some metabolic activities consume multiple B vitamins. A lot of one B vitamin, can accelerate metabolic processes which can then consume the other B vitamins and create a deficiency in multiple B vitamins. A potent vitamin tablet with all of the B vitamins should take care of this situation.


Well this sucks...

My Prolactin actually went up to 32.3 - not good. I had the MRI done a month ago which showed no tumor but I don't know what to make of this. Maybe the B6 backfired? :slight_smile: got to keep a good attitude about it.

He wants a follow up appointment and I'm guessing we will be discussing Dostinex.

Any more info you may have will be very helpful.

On a positive note - the T therapy is great!


That sucks. Any ideas as to what may be the attributing factor to your rise in prolactin?

On the bright side, T therapy + Dostinex = SEX MACHINE; I only hope that your insurance will cover the Dostinex, otherwise you are going to be an impoverished SEX MACHINE :wink:


I have no idea - stress can do it...

I might try supp'ing with L-dopa/mucuna pruriens (velvet bean) to increase Dopamine and thereby reducing Prolactin - in theory. I read you shouldn't combine B6 and L-Dopa.

I'll give an update when I get my next blood test complete


Is that what your doctor recommends? L-Dopa has to be gotten by prescription, also, I believe.

Stress is a bitch. Now mind you, I eat an almost PERFECT diet. I never eat sugar. Almost never eat simple carbs or starches(like pasta, potatos or bread). Yet, I had a slightly high fasting blood sugar level in my lab work done a few weeks ago. It has to be the stress, because it isn't the diet.