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B6 for Prolactin

I’m twenty years old and still have problems with my libido. My total testosterone is mid-400’s and my free testosterone is around 13, in a 9 to 26 normal range. My estrogen (sensitive) tests are consisently low, so I don’t think thats in issue. My prolactin however is consistently towards the very top of the range or slightly out of range. I would like to try some B6 to lower my prolactin levels. I am trying to avoid side effects such as nerve tiggling.

What dose should I start at, and how quickly would I expect to see results?
Also if it matters I am currently weaning myself off wellbutrin, I’m now down to 75mg once daily.


I don’t recall any discussions here re B6&prolactin. Have you talked to your doctor re a scan for a prolactin producing adinoma?

Prolactin lowers dopamine, that takes away joy, satisfaction and reward; and that does affect libido directly independent of T levels. Prolactin is also a direct HPTA repressor, which often lowers T.

Dostinex/cabergoline is the drug of choice.

Wellbutrin is considered T and libido friendly.

Please list E2 lab result and range.

What other OTC and Rx drugs?

Any history of steroid use or prohormones?

Any history of use of drugs to reduce hair loss?

Any reduction in your width of peripheral vision?

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