B12: Subcutaneous vs. Intramuscular

I thought I would ask this in here rather than the Supplements and Nutrition forum since you guys know about injections.

SO, I have a bottle of synthelamin brand b-12, its a mixture of Hydroxycobalamin and Cyanacobalamin. So what’s the pros and cons of each type of injection with regards to b-12?

Also I heard somewhere that the fat over the glutes dispersed the b-12 better than say the abdominal fat for subcutaneous inj…true or bullshit?




Ive seen both done.

Ive never thought that it would make much of a difference.

I shoot subcue when I use it, and it works just fine.

Its water soluble, it doesn’t really matter where you shoot it, it absorbs pretty quickly…

uh, most people do IM for b12.
Sub-cut ab injection will probably result in a slower release than sub-cut in the glute region, most male have more fat deposit around the waist than glute area, so the absorbtion will be slower.

I’m sure there are many that are more educated on this than me. I’ve seen both subcutaneous and IM done with B12, and I presume, as OP suggests, that subQ shots into the fatty part of the glutes would allow for significantly slower dispersal than via IM. Again though, I don’t know the biology of B12 absorption or anything so I’m just guessing.

I doubt you get any site specific fat burning with different injections - as for faster absorbtion in a different area of the body (subQ) - possibly, but i dont know enough about the pharmacokinetics to confirm.

I would like you to log the use of that ‘supplement’ however, i have heard some rave reviews about it - and not just on ProMuscle!!