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B12 and My Cycle


Ok, I know this Pharmacist, she swears by injecting B12. Does anyone here do this? Does it help? Will it be ok with my cycle? I have done some reasearch on my own. I would just like some opinions and hopefuly some experienced feedback.


Your post is a little vague. Swears by injecting B12 for what? People with a B12 deficiency?

What parameters are you trying to improve?

If you're not deficient in B12 I wouldn't recommend blanket statements that everyone should take it. Too high B12 levels can cause asthma, anxiety, and cardiac problems(chest pains, coronary artery spasms, tachycardia).


Coblamin is water-soluble and is stored in various sites in the body. It works as a methyl donor and combines with folic acid as part of the synthesis of DNA and red blood cells, and also helps maintain the health of myelin surrounding your nerves. It can also aid in energy metabolism. It's important for fat burning (beta-oxidation) and energy production from carbs.

Some people say that intramuscular injections of B12 help increase your appetite, which would help promoting extra muscle, but I've never found any research to back this up.

I personally think that B6 is more useful for BB or strength athletes. I wouldn't bother with the shots, unless you have pernicious anemia. Use a good quality B-Complex instead.



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I've used it and could tell a difference, but it wasn't anything unbelievable. I felt a little hungrier while using it. I also swore I felt more energized while taking it, but that could have been something else. I was taking it because at the time I was taking glucophage and glucophage prevents optimal absorption of b12.


Don't know how applicable this is, but when I worked in the cattle bidness we would give all of the sick cattle we doctored a shot of B12 precisely for the reasons cited here: appetite stimulation.

Hell - the cattle were on the same steroids as most juice heads I know. So there might be something to it.


Injectable b12 is only usefull for those who lack intrisic factor, which is an enzyme in the GI that facilitates absorption of B12. All other applications for its use surround malnutrition related to whatever condition causing such from etoh to cachexia.


Once again I receive great feedback from my fellow T-Nation members. The original suggestion was made for simply an increase of energy and appetite. I know this girl is sweet on me so I am thinking she was trying to impress me. She did intrigue my curiosity. I was unaware of Hildebrandt?s statement ?Too high B12 levels can cause asthma, anxiety, and cardiac problems (chest pains, coronary artery spasms, tachycardia).? I am going to research this further.

TONEdef, Your suggestion for the B complex is noted and appreciated. Bushy, I noticed that in my local feed store when I picked up some spikes some of the B 12. I know rainjack will vouch for that.

Speed, thank you for your experience sharing. #22 Thank you as well. I do have to say it is quite refreshing to be able to have such great resources. Freaks like me are not always easily understood


I've used it before, low doses, 1-3mg a week tops.

Not that thrilled with it. Wouldn't do it again, but if the girl is attractive and sweet on you, by all means, dig in and pretend you're interested until you get back to your place.


The figure competitor I work with uses a water based b-vitamin complex (Syntheselen) to mix with her Water Based injectables.

It's ok. I wouldn't expect it to work miracles.


I smell something fishy....if i recall correctly....Milgama has B1,B6 and B12 in it + lido......

man ...you need some fish to go with your next adventure LOL

Hope all is good

I have used injectable B complex and found it very good for recovering from workouts and general energy levels. Just my 2pence



My understanding - and I'm not an expert, so corrections are welcome - is that these issues may be associated specifically with cyanocobalamin, and that methylcobalamin should pose no danger.

Several of the symptoms you listed are associated with B12 deficiency.

Personally, I take megadose (5000 mcg) methylcobalamin in sublingual form every day. I'm 45, and B12 absorption decreases with age. Dan Duchaine wrote that he felt that injectable B12 was not that important, since "athletes who want to really jack up their B12 can just use some big doses in oral form." I thought that was good advice.

I wouldn't recommend taking lots of B12 without also taking the other B vitamins, particularly folic acid and B6.

   Thank you all for the awesome feedback once more. I was curious if it was as effective in the oral form. I think I am going to give it a try. I will not be mixing due to the oil and water so it will have to be separate. I have not heard negativity about using gear and B at the same time. If I grow a third eye on my forehead I will be sure to report. I recover relatively fast, as I am now let?s see if this gives me the boost to make it worth it. I will not know for about three weeks. I will report my findings.


The form of B12 does make a difference in terms of methyl group donation, but not with other physiological mechanisms of B12.

I know for myself, when I take 1000mcg methylcobalamin a day, I get angina, heart palpitations, and bad anxiety. It's very uncomfortable.

I believe that for some people B12 supplementation can make a real difference in their training and health, but I don't advocate the indiscriminant recommendations of B12 supplementation for ALL people.


To the best of my knowledge oral b12 isn't absorbed as well just for the fact that very little survives the stomach, if you were using other pathways of absorption and/or megadoses it might work though.


Well I did not try the B-12 however I have been off cycle for 6 weeks and I have been able to retain my gains. I still take my vitimans and eat healthy. I am able to maintain my size and strength by sticking to my plan. My body fat dropped however, my weight did not. I am more cut now then I have ever been. I drink on the weekends at the clubs and so on. For some reason it is not causing any fat gains. My metabolism is off the hook. My blood tests are good everything is at normal levels.