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B/W Suggestions

First off …

Thanks to everyone for their advice on A-dex.
Taking .25mg ED, and feel GREAT.
Gone are the crappy moods, and back is MR morning and late night wood !

I am going to see my Doc on Monday and req some bloodwork.

Last time I had total E taken. Came back at 189
(range for males was 40 - 112)

What should I request this time besides ??

E2 ?? (what is this ??)

LH or anything else to monitor ???

I am taking 10mg Androgel ED (Prescription)

He also asked me if I wanted HCG.
Is this worth the shot ED ???

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My main concern was to make sure I am not taking too much A-dex. I keep reading that too low E is also very bad.

What E tests should I request, and what levels would be considered good ??