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B.W.S 5/3/1 Training Log

Decided to keep a training log on here in addition to my notebook to try to stay motivated. Currently im 19 yrs old, about 220 lbs with roughly 17% BF. been training seriously for about a year/year and a quarter. messed around with weights for about a year before that. my left shoulder is messed up, to the point that i cant raise it fully to parallel on my side. (my right i can raise way past and i can raise them both just fine in front of me) so my bench and OHP have always been my weak points.

anyway, im following 5/3/1 with great success. just started my fourth cycle of it. i train in my garage gym. trying to get leaner while getting stronger. ok enough rambling lol i’ll shut up


squats: 185x5, 205x5, 235x8 (pr)
squats (boring but big): 145 x 10,10,10
sit ups: BW x 10,10,10
neck harness: 15x 100 reps straight

worked today, ended up going up and down a ladder alot so my legs were pretty tired. felt good for possibly another 2 reps but oh well, work day also got me for the last two sets of boring but big. havent squatted that many reps in one session for a long time and i could tell. I’ll be better next week. BTW i dont always follow BBB i get more out of mixing it up and keeping it interesting (Wendler’s advice for maximum strength gain)


Bench: 135x5, 150x5, 170x7
floor press: 115 x 10,10,10,10,10
incline dumbbell row: 50 (each hand) x 10,10,10,10,10
pullups: 2x6, 1x4

shoulder didnt feel that bad tonight, hopefully it’ll stay like this for awhile
so I can get a bench thats better then a little girls lol
I get my pullup program from Harry Selkow and I do them with neutral grip