B Vitamins for Energy?

Am curious to play around with an energy stack consisting of Power Drive and some B vitamins, which I have read good things about for the improvement of energy and mood. I might throw in some Caffeine-Free Spike. I don’t respond to Spike tabs - two tabs makes me slightly jittery but I don’t feel energized - and I don’t respond to Spike Shooters.

Anyone have experience with B vitamins? How much should I start with, what combination of them should I take how should I take them?

Much appreciated!

These B-complexe vitamines are important in the metabolic pathway of nutrients. This is probably why they get their name in layman site as energy vitamins.

In reality, when deficient,in B1, B2, B6, B12 you get corresponding disease condition, whether its polyneuritis, Werneke encephalopathy, beriberi or megaloblastic anemia.

In reality, I don’t think I’ve seen any study showing positive ‘‘energy’’ status in the non-deficient individual.

Having taken B complexe vitamines for a while, (before I started reading on the stuff), I remember no subjective or objective energy changes. I just take my vitamines from food now.

(As opposed to HOT-ROX and Spike where I clearly felt increased energy)

Hope this help,