B-Man's Log

I decided to start keeping a log on here, just to track numbers, PR’s and to see my gains progress.

Due to exams and moving town training has been hit and miss lately, fortunately though things are coming along nicely once more.

No football training until mid January, much needed rest.

Yesterday was back:

Took 'er handy

-chin ups-
6 sets of 6 @ BW

-Rack pulls below the knee-
worked up to 200kg for a set of 5

-Lat pulldowns supersetted with reverse grip pulldown-
forget how many plates was used but 3 sets of each were done.

Took things handy because I was cut short for time and only getting back into things.

Shoulders tonight.


-Warm up

-Fat bar shoulder press
(not sure how much the bar weighs)
worked up to a 25kg each side so roughly:

70kg(155 lbs?) x 5 for 3 sets

-Dumbell shoulder press
25kg(55 lbs?) dumbells x 8 for 3 sets

-lat raises and bent over raises supersetted
some x some

-Dumbell Shrugs
45kg(100 lbs?) x 12 for 3 sets

Training could of been better, it was cold and my left shoulder was sore as sh*t when I was pressing, just sore from benching a few days ago I think/hope.

Posts are not showing up. Great.


Close grip fat bar bench (don’t know the weight of the bar)

Bar x 1,000,000
20kg + bar x 12
40kg + bar x 10
60kg + bar x 8
80kg + bar x 4
90kg + bar x 2
30kg + bar x 8

Skull crushers with ez bar

bar x tonnes
17.5kg x 15
22.5kg x 12
25kg x 10
27.5kg x 8

some x some

hammer curls
20kg x 8, 3 sets

done, fat bar cgb fried me, my tris are still sore days later.



bar x warmup
40kg x 12
60kg x 6
80kg x 5
100kg x 4
120kg x 4

(took it easy on the squats because i wanted to try sumo stance for deadlifts which is a change from my normal conventional stance)

sumo deadlift

60kg x 6
100kg x 5
120kg x 3
140kg x 2
160kg x 2
180kg x 1

leg press

machine x meh

  • 100kg x 12
  • 150kg x 8
  • 200kg x 8
  • 250kg x 8

I have to say the 180kg sumo deadlift was pretty tough but im liking the stance. hopefully ill progress with these. all sore, going to eat now.

A mate came into town and wanted to hit shoulders so I hit them again. Couldn’t go heavy today.

BB press

bar x loads
40kg x 10
50kg x 8
60kg x 5
60kg x 5
65kg x 5

Dumbell press

20kg x 10
22.5kg x 8
25kg x 8

lat raises supersetted with bent raises
some x some


40kg x 8 for 3 sets

today i was spent. not feeling great about this workout.

Been a bit of a spell since i last logged…

basically i haven’t done much this week bar training last sunday, got sick during the week back healthy for football this weekend.

did a bit of bench work today, thats all nothing worth mentioning.

back at college too so the equipment i’ll be using in the college gym will be different.

i watched the ravens game. im gutted.

Long time since I updated, I was sick for a while but now i’m back on track with training.

some points:

-Got a kick to the head playing rugby last week, felt like shit for a couple of days.

-The stupid shit you see in college gyms will never cease to amaze me.

-The squat rack at college is so shit, I can’t place the bar at the right height, this lead to me squatting in a smith machine, this felt horrible and will never be done again.

-Packers to win the superbowl.

Latest workout was shoulders. No real highlights, worked up to 100kg on the HS shoulder machine.

I will get back to posting my regular workouts tomorrow.

Had rugby training tonight. Was grand.

I’m worried that my semi-final match in rugby may clash with american football match against the Dragons.
fock it.

till tomorrow…


A friend of mine came into town we decided to do back, I rarely get to see him since we go to different colleges. It’s annoying he’s a great training partner. We decided to change things up today so this isn’t a typical back day.

-Pull ups
3 sets of 6

-Dumbell rows
30kg x 12
35kg x 12
40kg x 12

-Seated row
stack x warm up
40kg + stack x 10
60kg + stack x 10
40kg + stack x 10

-Lat pulldown
some x I dunno

100kg x 20
100kg x 20

  • we decided to just do something that would burn our lungs and and make a F-ing A back pump.

Haha im so bad at keeping this log. Lets try again.

Weighing ~200lbs

Got to work chest in my home gym yesterday

warm up.

Bar x 20
135 lbs x 5
155 lbs x 5
175 lbs x 5
200 lbs x 5
220 lbs x 3
230 lbs x 3
(decided i’d leave it till next week until I moved up the weight anymore)
200 lbs x 8
135 lbs x 25

135 lbs x 6
155 lbs x 6
175 lbs x 5

BW x 8
BW 30lbs x 8
BW 55lbs x 8 (PR here, all kinds of awesome)

did some pull ups at the end cause i wanted to

good session.

getting bloods taken tomorrow so no training till tuesday

Warm up

Squats to a box

bar x enough
135 lbs x 8
155 lbs x 5
175 lbs x 5
200 lbs x 5
220 lbs x 5
242 lbs x 3
265 lbs x 3
285 lbs x 2
315 lbs x 2
( i decided here i wanted to deadlift, haven’t deadlifted with a good bar, belt and chalk in so long)


135 x 5
220 x 5
285 x 3
315 x 3
350 x 2
405 x 3 (WTF i have no idea where this came from, all kinds of awesome)
i was so spent after this i didnt go near 455lbs, i thought i was just do a single with 435
435 x 1

Leg Press
5pps x 10 for 3 sets

60 seconds x 3

such an awesome day. i passed out for 2 hours after this, should of been doing some study. ah well.

Wednesday I had an arm day, nothing eventful to report on that.

Today I had an easy back day, didn’t want to deadlift because i’m still feeling Tuesdays session.
went something like:

Chin ups
BW x 8
BW x 8
BW 20lbs x 7
BW 35lbs x 6
BW 35lbs x 8
BW x 4 (haha was spent)

Dumbbell rows
80lbs x 15, 3 sets
( Didn’t go heavy, heavier DB’s were being used.)

Lat pulldown
some x some

Defrancos shoulder shocker
this absolutely killed me I don’t know if it was just an insane pump or there is actually something up with my shoulder.


warm up and some mobility stuff

bar x lots
135 lbs x 5
155 lbs x 5
175 lbs x 5
200 lbs x 3
220 lbs x 2
230 lbs x 2
242 lbs x 1
255 lbs x 1 PR(This wasn’t as hard as I thought it would of been, happy out)
220 lbs x 4

Incline bench
(I was pretty tired so I kept these light)
110 x 12
135 x 10
155 x 8
110 x 18

BW x 8
BW 25lbs x 6
BW 25lbs x 8
(tri’s and delts were fried before these)

Meadows kickbacks
worked up to 20 lbs x 8, really liked these.

Happy with the bench PR I have more in me though, 260lbs next week for a single.

I’ll get a vid of that bench

Had football training, plenty of sprints, hamstrings are still sore.


bar x lots
135 lbs x 5
155 lbs x 5
175 lbs x 5
200 lbs x 3
220 lbs x 2
230 lbs x 2
242 lbs x 1
255 lbs x 2 PR
220 lbs x 6 Rep PR

(wanted to do some tricep work)

tri pressdowns
ascending sets x 5

Meadows kickbacks
some x some

skull crushers
this is a bad exercise for me,bleh

Wanted to deadlift but there was no chalk and the squat racks were full when i wanted to do some front squats instead.
training is a bit odd at the moment.

Hit these with a friend from the team.

BB press

massive blur
lots of reps x short breaks

cable laterals
some x some

rear delt cable
some x some


upright rows

did some stretching then got a shake. dunzo.
I want to get in some front squatting and some upper back work in before the week is out but study is messing up training as of late.
Need to pull it together next week. F’ing exams for the next month </3 going to mess shit up more

Past few days of training:

-Legs, Front squats happened on thursday.

-Back day yesterday, got a 440lb deadlift. Felt awesome, quick off the floor but lockout was hard.

-Chest today, haven’t done dumbell inclines in forever, worked up to an easy 80lbers for 12 probably some kind of PR there.

-Going to hit legs again tomorrow.

-Stupid amount of study needs to be done for my exams coming up.

did a pm session in the gym.

-Front squats
-Straight legged dead
-Leg curls
-Tire flips

Today was awesome.

Did arms on saturday, arm days bore the shit outta me so there was no real prs to report just a steady workout.

Had football training today, bruised and battered <3

Wanna do upper back tomorrow, lower back is still sore from deads and leg day.

I will start posting weights again, starting tomorrow!