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<b>Iron Dog Support Group</b>

Welcome to the “Iron Dog” support group! I thought I’d start one up after beginning Don Alessi’s Q&A article which included this Iron Dog routine…

My plan is to “ease” into it by first doing a week of Meltdown I (normal) training, before I launch into the 2x a day Meltdown routines…(ugh)…

Nurse, prepare my puke pail!

Good luck to fellow IronDoggers!

Waddup… glad to see this thread. I’m on day 4 of the program now, about to go do Meltdown day 2. I want to see how results go for Phase I, then I might CONSIDER Phase II, but most likely school will take up most of my time and I’ll just go to 5x5 + HIIT for the next two weeks. Diet’s T-Dawg, cycling calories on a 3-day low, 1-day maintenance split, keeping carbs as low as possible (<100g). I follow Meltdown with some carbs, but I don’t take anything following my sprint sessions. It’s only day four, but I already feel a lot leaner… I’m starting off at about 12% BF. Supplements are MD6, T2-Pro, BCAA’s, Glutamine, ZMA + L-Theanine. I do think my metabolism is staying revved up, since I feel thirstier now than I ever did before.

Hurrah for Pluto!

Yup, I’m sitting at about 17% BF and 240 lbs.

After a few days of Meltdown I training, I can no longer move my legs. They are SO stiff, even though I’m stretching for 20 min. before AND after working out (martial arts stretching too)…

I think because of this, I’ll up my carb intake to roughly 100g per day (as per TDawg v2.0 recommendations) postworkout and give this a shot. Besides, I really miss my oatmeal!

Man, I am on week 2 of this 8 week Iron Dog 209 fat loss regiment, and I feel fatigued enough to give up. But after looking at the mirror this morning, I know that the whole nutrition and workout plan is definitely worth the pain. Anyone can lose fat slowly, without the pain. But I am determined to see if this program can really take 10% of bodyfat off a person, by following it to the letter (except for the addition of Hot Rox in place of MD6).

Good luck, y’all.

There is no way I could survive Meltdown twice a day.