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b-day today

happy birthday to me!! Since I don’t really know anyone out here yet, I have to say something on here.

My lab mates bought me some pizza, wings and a cake today. I was moved. Didn’t expect it at all, especially considering I’ll be switching labs in September.

Anyways, Happy b-day to all others on this day!!

that includes magic johnson, and the stoppage of WWII.

Happy birthday, man.

Thats all, I guess.

Happy b-day. I remember when I turned 22…or I sort of remember I guess… There was something about a TGIFridays and too many Long Islands…

hey happy birthday bro!!
have a great and fun day today!!

Happy B-day

Happy birthday. I’ll get you a Subway sandwich and stick a candle in it.

Happy Birthday! Just one day next to mine! Copycat (almost) ;p

Hey, a Leo! I’m a Leo too. Aren’t we the greatest people on earth? Everyone else is so jealous becuase they want to be just like us but they can’t. Leos Rule!

Hey, DAN C already started this thread!

J/K, Happy Birthday!

Happy B-day!
That’s great your lab mates were so cool. Our lab group does a special little birthday thing for each colleague. Sometimes schools not that bad eh?

Singing Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday dear JWright… Happy Birthday to you! In my best Marilyn Monroe voice… LOl
Hope you had a good day!

I just had Marilyn Monroe singing to me. How cool is that? Ah man, what a day.

Anyways, all my grappling and karate buddies took me out last night. Both instructors came with us and that made it even more fun. It was a good night overall.

JDubs…happy b-day my man!

Solo’sgirl…I am expecting the same thing for me on Nov 30th…mark your calander!!..;o)