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B-Day MAG-10

Well in 1 day I will be 31. I my wife is getting me Mag-10 plan for success.

Now my question is what has everyone tried stackin with mag-10? I just want to know people’s personal experiences good or bad. I know I will have a little extra money to spend just trying to figure out how to spend it. No, I do not want hookers. :wink:
Thanx Solo

Strippers?!?:wink: don’t use supplements any more under current conditions.

You don’t really need to stack anything with MAG-10. I’d just get some Grow! so you’ll be sure to meet your protein needs. Very important while “on”.

Or you could buy more MAG-10 so you can take two doses a day (if you’re not already planning that.)

Other than that, you might get something to use when you come to help you retain the gains and keep making more- Tribex, M, Methoxy etc.

I’d vote for the protein myself.

Just wanted to say, Happy Birthday Brother!

Happy Birthday!

Only thing you really need is food and plenty of protein (invest in GROW!). Also, be sure you are already using Surge. If those bases are already covered, you could always stack something like Hot Rox (lose fat while gaining).

Definitely load up on protein, buddy. You can’t get enough good food either. Go all out and take advantage of the gaining environment by bulking up a bit. Keep lifting heavy when your mag10 runs out to keep strength up.

Thanx Phatman. Thanx for the input guys,appreciate it.

So if I have never used mag-10 before is it alright to double up on it(stack it)?

Definitely… if you’re gonna do it then do it right.