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B-Complex (Neurobion)


Below is a copy-paste of a post I've written on another board. I thought that it would be better if I could get some info from you too, guys. Thanks.

People in my gym (and a lot of athletes in this part of the world) often consume Neurobion either regularly, when they feel their muscles ache from training, when they are feeling lethargic, etc. There are different "grades" of Neurobion but most use the highest 5000 version, which consists of vit. B1 100mg, B6 100mg, and B12 5000mcg.

Usually they use the injectable version and I've tried it on some occasions. I'm not sure if I'm feeling the benefit (if any). Have you tried consuming B-Complex before? What's your experience? Neurobion is marketed as a neurotropic and I'm not sure what the benefit is for weight lifters.


BTW it seems that Neurobion isn't sold in the USA, but you can find it in other places of the world. But there must be a lot of other B-Complex products circulating around.


Hello sales pitch!

Get a full complex supp. This sounds like bullshit.