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B&Cers: Adex Tapering?


I’m ending my cycle soon and going into a 250mg test e / 100mg primo cruise.

I keep reading about estrogen rebound on cycles, hence a taper of adex; but, I’m not going into a PCT, so is this necessary?

I stayed in the estrogen range of 20-25 with TRT (125mg test e, 25mg test p, 100mg primo) administered on a Monday with 0.5mg adex in the morning and another 0.5mg on that coming Thursday.

On my current 500mg test e cycle, I’m running 0.5mg adex EOD and am still in the 20-25 zone.

Do I need to taper? Ie, take 0.5mg E2D for two weeks, or will 0.5mg essentially E3.5D directly after cycle be sufficient?

I have labs for estrogen (etc.) already scheduled on my 4th week in… but don’t want to wait that long and possible develop some gyno for a true answer.

Am I just over thinking this? What do you B&Cers do?



This is my last week.

Any b&c users taper adex or just cut dosing?


First question, Do you “currently” have any sides at current dose? if not just keep crusing and stop overthinking, aslong as your bloods are good then continue.

EDIT: The whole point of cruising is to use a low dose to let body rest so no AI is needed, on my current cruise im about the same dosages as you and i feel fine, i know how my body feels when estro crashes, plus i do bloodwork every 3-6 months, make sure you dont have rebound effects from asin or arimedex. Some do .25 eod e3d it all depends.


I have estro sides at 125mg test.

So I’m thinking the minimum would be 0.5mg on Mon and again on Thurs. But, would I taper? Ie, 3 doses a week down to 2?


start with once a week or e3d if thats not enough, you dont want to crash estro either, you will need bloods to see where you are at