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<b>Behold: The Fiber God Cometh</b>

Look what I found in the local food co-op, just now?




Triticale Flakes
1/3 Cup
190 Calories
1.5g Fat
40g Carbs
5g Protein
… 25g Fiber!

Ikester: Have you heard of a product line called Bob’s Red Mill? It’s Quality, bro, with a capital Q!

The extra-thick rolled oats are definitely a step up, but since you mentioned triticale, the 5-grain rolled hot cereal is an excellent cereal as well, and it contains rolled oats, wheat, rye, barley, triticale and flax. In addition, the Meusli is an awesome choice and is far less sugary than any other market brand.

The triticale looks solid. I assume it’s a cooked cereal, correct? Just be sure that the Porcelain God is ready for a visit soon thereafter:)

Ike the tribble! :slight_smile:

MAN! That stuff must chew like popsicle sticks! Anybody remember Phil Hartman’s cereal spoof “Colon Blow” and now “Super Colon Blow” on Saturday Night Live? This is the real thing!

Bob’s Red Mill. I shall have to do some investigation.

Nylo: Henceforth, this foodstuff shall be referred to as Colon Blow.

I haven’t actually tried it yet, I’m a little frightened…

“Fiber One Bran Cereal” is good enough 15g of fiber. 25g wow your just asking for a good cleaning.

Is it just me, or has anyone else experienced the fact that powders like FiberPsyll and whatnot just don’t do the job as well as good old fashioned fiber that you eat? In other words, I don’t get the same amount of…uh… “potty time” on, say 24 grams of fiber powder as I do from 24 grams of actual fiber from oats, or Fiber One cereal, or whatever. Anyone else experience this, or is it just me?

When it comes to fiber I would just stick to foods…

Christ, with 25 grams of fiber per serving, that must trounce even All Bran. All Bran gives me explosive bowel movements. In all seriousness, this stuff might be just for people with serious constipation issues. This much fiber at one time might be dangerous. Be careful.

Actually the fiber content for Fiber-One is similar. At 90 calories per serving you get about 14 grams of fiber. Double that you have 180 calories and 28 grams of fiber. That isn’t much different then the one you’ve found.

Damn, this might be my secret weapon. It’s been a life-long goal of mine to crap my initials. Sure, anyone can pee their name in the snow, but after my buddies realize I can poop a full “JV”, I’ll be a GOD!

Nick: You’re absolutely right, natural sources of fiber are far superior.

CGB: Don’t worry, I’ve had a few 40+g/Fiber days this last week. I’ll be ready.

Ike, I generally eat more than 40g a day, myself, but all at once and I’d be in big trouble. Good luck with this stuff, but please be careful. Many a man has gone down this road and not come back the same.