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b-ball for fat loss

I hate running so i was wondering if anyone out there know if shooting baskets is a decent way to burn fat. It is definately for entertaining than running, but not sure of the calorie deficit it can produce. Any ideas?

dunno about the basket ball but in case you feel bad… running hates you too… that is why your knees hurt so much after

Playing basketball is a great way to burn some serious calories and boost your anaerobic threshold. Going out and shooting hoops can be fun and easy or very demanding. I sometimes would run through old drills from highschool or do some full court lay up and dunk drills. I’d also go out and practice dunking for 30 minutes on top of just shooting around. That seriously burned calories and has tremendously impacted my leg development.

Basketball is just like any other activity. It can be intensely demanding or completely fun and easy. You just need to find the middle ground. If it is just you and the court get creative, have fun and burn some serious calories. It beats running anyday.

Run some full court basketball and make sure you are the first one down the court every time. Crash the boards and no cherry picking. Playing a couple games to 16 beats the treadmill any day of the week. jumping rope is fun or do bank shots from inside the key. Jump as high as you can on every shot and don’t stop moving.