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B-5/Pantothetic Acid

Do you need a prescription to buy that? I havent been able to find any at the drug store. I live in canada, would I be able to obtain it easier in the US?

pantothenic acid is just a B vitamin. No prescription needed.

Pantothentic Acid is rarely deficient in average diets, because it’s available in many common sources – chicken, soy products, brewer’s yeast, lentils, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, yogurt. Pant Acid does help in the creation of steroid hormones, but just because you get extra, it doesn’t mean you’ll pump out more steroids esp if you’re deficient in colloidal minerals and aminos. It’s a lot easier to be deficient in proper minerals than B vitamins. B vitamins were once considered dependent on each other for proper assimilation,(ie-the lowest amount of one created the dynamic range. The rest of the others were wasted) so individual B-vitamin treatments weren’t suggested. Things change, thought. Aminos were once thought of the same way. Individual B-vitamins are available, but if you’re deficient in one then you’re probably deficient in others, so they are most frequently sold in Complex forms. Most common deficiencies are with B-6 and B-12.

I take it you want to use it for acne? This stuff is a temporary solution that will cause bigger problems in the longer upon discontinuation. I’d got with 320mg of Saw Palmetto/day, take your EFA’s such as Udos Oil blend and Wash your hair and face with Head and Shoulders (zinc). And stay away from highly processed carbs, worked wonders for me, no one would ever guess I had acne.

Subby, can you explain what you mean regarding some problems that taking B-5 will cause? I started taking large doses for acne about 2 weeks ago, and it seems like it helped. What do I need to watch out for, etc? Any suggestions?

What are the bigger problems upon discontinuing??

Well from experience your body seems to adapt to the large doses of B5 and tries to increase oil production to make up for it. You will have to keep raising your B5 dosages or else it will stop working and the acne may come back even worse. I’ve also heard that having too much B5 causes deficiencies in other B vitamins. My acne came back even worse after and so did my friends. I haven’t even had a pimple for the last few months, so my current routine works best. BTW I also take high doses of Vitamin C which helped greatly, 10 grams a day.

What kind of dosage are you using and how are you splitting it up? I started 3 grams a day about two weeks ago and my skin is definitly less oily.

I started taking 8 grams a day, about two weeks ago. Either I am imagining things, or it really did help. But I am going to ease way back on it, after reading Subby’s posts. By the way, the advice to wash your face with zinc oxide shampoo was interesting. My dermatologist recommended that I use shampoo on my beard and eyebrows, so I assume this is similar. My acne was not bad at all, but I have some enlarged pores, and I read (on the internet) that B5 would help with that. Whether or not that part’s true, I don’t know. But my face is less red, and skin looks fine.

Subby, really interesting comments. However, I haven’t had your experience. I took pantothetic acid at 10 grams per day for four months and dropped down to 2.5 grams on the fifth. It’s been over a year and ten years of acne are gone. Pores have closed more, no oil. Not only that, my face has a chance to catch w/ healing those scars.