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AZ Strongman

I just took the overall at a APA meet in Yuba City, CA. I’m now preparing for the AZ strongman in Feb. I want to know who else is competing in this meet. At the very least it sounds like we’ll be able to meet Kevin Nee and maybe learn something from a future great. I’m looking forward to this meet (obviously I’m coming from Northern CA to compete in AZ) and hoping for a good competition.

They have a thread in here on that event may be on page two now but look for that sucker and it should give yuo a ton of info open it I know some other T Peeps are going I cant make the trip.

Nice work keep it up,

Congrats on the APA.

We are bringing four people down to AZ. Two mw, one lw, and one lww. Where do you train in NorCal? We have a group in the Sacramento area.

see ya in AZ


I train in Red Bluff, CA (north of Chico about 45 miles). Where in Sacramento do you train? BTW what is a good Axe Clean and Press number, right now I’m at 280.


We train events down in Galt. South of Sacramento about 20 min or so, right off of 99.

We usually hit events on Sats, sometimes sundays, if you want to come down, let us know. A lot of the guys post up on the Marunde board, or you can shoot me an email at msikora@frontiernet.net.

There is another powerlifter from up North training sm too. I think he is signed up for the Clovis contest. He is in Redding I think.

280 axel will be good in AZ. For mw in AZ 280 will be in top few for sure. Somebody may crack 300, depends on axel etc. 280 will be closer to top than middle. (W/ overhead events, there is always the chance that some oly lifter will show up and squash everyone, you never know).

You guys have a group in Red Bluff?? I think one of your guys may have contacted us awhile ago.

Like I said, if you want to come down you are more than welcome.

see ya


If you competed in Clovis last year, then I think I met you there. Hope your training is going well. Are you competing in Clovis/Fresno this year? I haven’t decided yet. Its a Pro-Am and I don’t know if I’m at the level of the strength necessary for some of the events.


Yeah, we did Clovis last year. We had two guys in the under 200, two under 231 and one heavy, plus two new guys came w/ us and helped score/load deload equipment. That was a fun contest. We most likely had to meet you there.

We might have one guy competing this year. He moved back to Scotland, but might come back for Clovis. The rest of us are going, but just to watch/hang out/help. A pro-am is way beyond me right now, esp. at under 200.

We have to see how AZ goes, that will probably determine what we do next.

see ya