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AZ Strongman Contest


Is there anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area that would be interested in competing in a strongman contest soon? I'm going to promote a contest in probably the middle of January and would likely host the event in Tempe. Planning on having a novice division for first timers. Let me know if you'd consider competing or attending to support and I can give further info.


I live in flagstaff and would love to come watch a strongman event. I might even try to compete in the novice class. I have absolutely no experience with these comps but am very interested. Keep us updated please.


Would there be any weight classes? I would be interested in doing the novice class. Any ideas on the events? If you need any help setting this up, let me know.

Later, Thad


I am in.


all --- my plan is to have this contest be very cheap, a $5 entry for NAS members, and a $40 entry for novices (includes $35 membership).

mikek --- i will definitely update this thread when everything is set in stone.

thad --- there will be a novice class (no weight divisions), lightweight (under 231) and heavyweight (over 231). if enough novices register (8-10) or show up, i will have a lightweight and heavyweight novice division. as far as events, i have ideas that could involve any of the equipment i have: 10" log press, 2" axle press, farmers walk, yoke walk, tire flip, keg run, sled drag, truck pull, deadlift, stones. the events will be announced once i know the date and all the specifics of the contest.

scottyz --- novice, lightweight, or heavyweight?


Count me in and you know I can chip in with equipment if needed.


Will there be a women's division? I would be willing to make a fool of myself in the hopes of competing!


I'd go check it out, not compete though, no freakin way!


I'll be there. Never done a Strongman before, but at a minimum, I'd go to watch/support.


I've love to compete. Sounds like a great opportunity to "pop my cherry" in competing in a strenght sport. Count me in if you do it.


Don't know if I want to compete, but I'd like to check it out. Maybe put faces to names on fellow T-people.

We should wear nametags with our screen names on them:)


Novice. But, following Dan John's advice, I will "just write the check and show up" regardless. If there are novice weight classes, and the split is 231, it really will depend on how much I weigh that day. I usually weight plus or minus 5 lbs from that weight.


InkAddict and PHX Clif :

Come on! Just do it!


Also I hope this isn't on the weekend of Jan 14, gonna be in DC for the seminar.


Josh -- thanks man. I think I have all the equipment covered, but its nice to know I have back-ups. You should cut weight and make under 231's with me. Or if you wish, heavyweight novices will be doing the same weights as lightweight open. Either way it would be good to have you out there competing.

HotAZ -- i can easily add a women's division. I was actually going to have my g/f come out and demo her freaky strength for the crowd, but I might just add women's under 140 and over 140 to the contest since I have all the equipment. Some of the events might differ from the men though. Do you know any other women that might be interested??

For those thinking about competing, if you are under 231, you should definitely consider it. The weights will be pretty light for the novices b/c I really want to get people out there competing. If you are over 231, you will be doing the same weights as the open lightweights which would be more challenging, but certainly doable.

I'll update as soon as I have more info. Still working on securing a location and date and then everything else is ready to go.


What seminar is this?

I'm looking at the 14th or 21st for the date.


Bulk up and go in the heavyweight division.





Just want to bump this. Are you still doing it. If so I vote for Jan 21.


If I can secure a location for the 21st, that is when it will be. This is the preferred date to have the contest. My goal is to have the contest location secured, contest sanctioned, and online entry form posted within the next two weeks.