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Axume's Quest for Size and Strength

Hi all! long time T-Nation reader, but this is my first post.

I just today started doing an augmented westside program with my training partner. It will follow WS4SB3 pretty closely at first and evolve from there.

Anyway about me, I’m 27 191 and 6’1". Been lifting on and off since high school, and pretty regularly the last year and a half. Goals are to put on some mass and strength by summer. I’d really like to be able to bench 285 by my b-day in May. I’ll also be looking to get my bf% below 10% by summer so I’ll slowly be increasing my conditioning work through the next 3 months.

Not sure where my exact maxes are right now, but I’ll be getting 3rp and 1rp maxes as we go. My previous maxes are-

Bench - 255
Squat - 335
Deadlift- 415
Weighted pull up~+45*5rps

Will be using the box squat, raw bench, weighted pull-up, and deadlift as indicator exercises.

Here was todays W/O - ME Lower

Box squat - 1356, 1655, 1855, 2253, 2753, 2903

SL BB step up - 6512ea, 8512ea, 85*10ea

Pull throughs - (80*12)2, 9012

Ab circuit *3

W/O went well, although the BB step ups kinda sucked by the 3rd set… I was kinda sucking wind. All in all we didn’t push it too hard today. My lifting partner is very close to the same strength for lowerbody so that worked out really well.

Monday, 3-23 RE Upper Day

Today was the first RE Upper Day, went really well and was pretty fun.

-30 degree incline DB bench (w/ mini band), (elbows in) - W.U. - 2020, 3015

4015, 409+6 w/o band, 40*15 w/o band

-The mini band made these high rep presses burn!

-N-grip chin +scarecrow superset
12chins + 12 @ 20#
12chins + 10 @ 20#
8chins + 8 @ 20, 5 @ 10

DB OH press
3015, (4512)2, 4510

Shrug + V-grip tri-X
22510 + 6025
22510 + 7025
22510 + 7518

Grip Work, 2 sets of 3 rps plate pinches
2 * 10# plates, started about 40sec each rep, ended about 20sec

After we were done lifting we ran a mile. All in all a really good workout. I haven’t done high rep stuff like this in awhile and I was beat, not to mention pumped.

I’m really looking forward to continuing this w/o plan. And I really would love any feedback you guys can give. Comments, criticisms, ect…

RE, Lower 3-25

36" Box Jumps, 8 sets of 2 rps

Split squats with front leg elevated

-10ea w/ 15lb db’s * 3 sets

Glute-ham raises


Rope Crunches on Knees * mini band rotations

180*15/8ea 3 supersets

ME, Upper 3-27

Bench Press

1355, 1655, 1953, 2153, 2253, 2302 (performed 3 rps and had help on the last one)

-A little disappointed with my bench performance, my pressing strength is down a little bit… nxt week I plan on nailing 230*3

DB Floor Press (elbows in)

5521, 5513 (both sets to failure)

Seated Cable Row * Band pull-aparts

140*12 / 12 w/ miniband

160*10 / 12 w/ miniband

150*10 / 12 w/ miniband

150*10 / 12 w/ miniband

DB shrugs


BB Curls

(6512)3, 658, stip 455

Good workout overall, I’m hoping to be able to hit 245*3 on bench by the end of april…

Saturday the 28th I did conditioning that consisted of circuits of-
-bupies, 3o sec
-jumping jacks, 30 sec
-DB snatches, 30 sec
-Mountain Climbers, 30 sec

No rest between exercises, 90 sec rest between circuits… done a total of 5 times. After that I jogged a couple of laps.

ME, Lower 3-29

Box Squats

1358, 1855, 2253, 2553, 2803, 3003, 305*3

-Squats went well, despite my having a little hangover my workout partner and I improved by 15# over last week. I’m thinking the 315*3 should go up no prob nxt week.


6512ea, (9512ea)*3

-This was an improvement over last week as well, added 10 pounds and was able to get all my rps.


13310, 19912, 21912, 22912

-Had to find my weight here, think I could probably go up a little from 229.

Ab circuit

-Easier than last week!

I think my conditioning is improving doing this routine. It really helps having a workout partner there, I know I have to get my set done so he can get to his.

Re, Upper 3-30

30 degree incline DB bench max rps (Elbows in)
5521, 5514, 55*9

-quite a drop off in reps, think I should have left a rep or two off the first set

N-grip Pull-up * Scare Crows
12 + 12@20
12 + 12@15
10 + 11@15

OH DB Press, Seated
4512, 4512, 40*6

  • Shoulder hurt on third set so I went down in weight… still hurt… think I may have to watch these next week

BB Shrug * Rope Tri-X
10225 + 7020
10225 + 7016
10225 + 7013

Grip work w/ captains of crush grippers